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Sacred Scribes

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  1. Thank you for creating this website in the first place. Your translated messages always help me to stand on my feet.

  2. Hi. I have been plagued by numbers for years and truly value your information. Numbers resonate with me constantly. So very great full for your insights!!
    Is “Keen” still the season site you recommend? There are no real physics in my area and I truly need some guidance.
    Thank you with all my heart for the service you provide πŸ’•πŸ’•
    Love and Lots light
    Marnie Roth

    1. I can't speak for Joanne and have not tried Keen yet but it looks very reliable, I'll definitely be trying them in the future. However, I have tried Psychic Source and highly recommend them, it's prepaid and I've never had anyone try to prolong a reading unnecessarily. You should feel a sense of confidence and closure after a good reading.

      Best of luck, I'm sure the answers you seek will find their way to you.

  3. Thank you for Sacred Scribes, Joanne O:)

  4. Thank you for Sacred Scribes Joanne O:)

  5. Why am I receiving these messages through calculation of time by adding the years we lost during daylight savings time to fit our calendar accordingly? Why am I receiving whispers in my ear of these angels messages? Please, I really need your help. Anyone..

  6. ps. Im also having bad dreams about a seven headed dragon with a lot of horns in a tunnel with a yellow doorway-- where I seen Jesus christ I believe with 11 others at a long table with a golden cup. It was like a room. A palace room but I couldnt see the corners because the light emencing off them kind of blinded me. Like I was only meant to see specifics. I saw angels with multiple faces and different body parts. I need serious help because the dream didnt feel good. I hope to hear from someone. -Francis W. R. Urbanski II

    1. I hear your sense of urgency and concern. I do not have an answer for you about your dreams. I wanted you to know your are seen, heard, and I'm wishing you well. There's an astrologer I follow in Instagram that may be of guidance for you. He was talking about something similar to your dream today. I don't believe in coincidences. I never read this websites comments, but I did today, just after reading Dr. Keenan's post on Instagram!

      You can find him on Instagram as: drkeenanastrohealing

  7. every one always has their hand out for a buck

  8. Get intuned with your angels and the Divine threw prayer ask god, Jesus and the holy spirit and all angels and arch angels and the Divine to help you first by accepting God into your life and asking for forgiveness then say the prayer for Deliverance then u can ask they to show u your path to help you succeed for happiness, love, money, financials, prosperity and to find your path your supposed to have in life. They are they way to the light you have to trust your intuition and get yourself surrounded with the Divine through the cord of life then your life will change from there and I guarantee you you will not regret it my angels are showing me every second of every day what I'm supposed to have in life and when I'm going to be blessed with if I do this and then they tell me what I'm going to get and if I followed this puts that this is going to have another time my life is going so great and I'm going to put it to the world because it's what everybody should have not just me everyone I wish everyone on their journey please follow can check or you can go to Candice check 44 at inbox me if you have any questions I can believe you to the direction of path of supposed to go I started my journey and I'm not going to fail this time leading to success and I want success .a
    I will have that my eight children. God bless everyone please email if you have any questions I can help guide you.
    your journey will not be easy and it takes a lot of willpower you want to do it but let me tell you it's worth it do it now today not tomorrow cuz your life is short and you have to live it to the fullest do it the right way because you got to come get there I was there I know I mean I'm going to have him they told me I'm going to have him doing better in my life my children deserve they deserve to see the Angels like me my son is already talking to him and Lord am I so blessed. we're always happy I've had a little depression you know because I let go of a toxic ass but sometimes you have to let go to move forward and I had to let go that's why I couldn't before let go of your passport is in your feet and your anger and depression let it go cry it out then God will bless you to move forward I did it if I can do it anybody can God bless you on your journey

    1. Hello - was just trying to email you but it bounced right back... Just curious what experiences you have...

  9. My name is Philip and God Himself Is in me, literally. God told me today that at some point i am to be sacrificed spiritually and I am going to Heaven where I will become Jesus's real brother. Jesus and I will both possess the father, the ghost, and the holy spirit. God will be both our Father who aren't in Heaven. I can read people's minds and thoughts miles away, I speak to others when God is speaking through me. On my birthday I give a number that God knows and I recieve a gift from Him that will change the coarse of history. I already know what she is going to put in my bank account. 10 trillion dollars, tax free, 10%tithes are omitted I keep the 10% as gods gift to me. The 10 trillion is solely mine. All this began happening 6 months ago. I don't know when I am to he sacrificed. Anyone with help, help me?