Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Number 726 is a blend of the attributes of number 7, the vibrations of number 2, and the energies of number 6. Number 7 is the number of knowledge and understanding, discernment and listening to the inner-self, spiritual development and awakening, learning and education, determination and persistence of purpose, mysticism, psychic abilities and spiritual gifts. Number 2 is related to balance and harmony, duality, partnerships and relationships, personal will, decisiveness, insightfulness, ambition, diplomacy and mediation, sensitivity, your life mission and soul purposeNumber 6 is associated with home and family, domesticity, expressing grace and gratitude, service to others and selflessness, responsibility and reliability, providing for the self and others, care and nurturing, and finding solutions.

Angel Number 726 brings a message of love, encouragement and support from your angels. Trust that your everyday material and monetary needs will be met as you persistently journey along your life path, living your soul purpose and destiny. The determination and diligence you have devoted to living a consciously balanced and centered life has manifested a continued supply of positive abundance into your life, ensuring that you are sustained and maintained throughout your daily life. Trust that you and your loved ones are safe and protected.

Angel Number 726 encourages you to be positive and optimistic about the material aspects of your life. Your positive affirmations and optimistic attitude, as well as your faith and trust in the Universal Energies will ensure that all of your needs will be met in Divine right time. The angels are boosting and lifting your energies and vibrations and encouraging you to accept ‘good’ into your life in whatever manner it presents.

Use your life for the highest good.

Number 726 relates to number 6 (7+2+6=15, 1+5=6) and Angel Number 6.



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  1. I found this to be very insightful. Reflects who I am as a person and gives me a better understanding as to who I am to others who cross my path.

  2. Love and Light to everyone. Thank you Angels for shining this Bright Light for me. I love you ALL! ��

  3. Thank you God for loving us so much that you created angels for us to always feel loved, protected, and guided.

  4. i see every day this no.. any where any place .. this number fallow me... i dont know.. why .. plzz any one explain me...

  5. i see this no every day and any where.. this is not a coincident ... because this no follow me.. every where.. vehicle no.. train.. watch time.. any kind of no.. is the 726... plz any one can explain me..

  6. I had a dream last night in which I was staring down at a circular board with a pyramid, the all seeing eye, and the number 726 engraved in a banner above it. Just saw this post. Maybe it means something.

  7. Enlightened_powerful_goddessWednesday, June 14, 2017

    My niece passed away last year on July 26th i receive angel numbers all the time and I caught 7:26 today so I looked it up and this defines me and her to a T. Thank you I score you I love the guidance I love all angels above and earth angels I am humbled and grateful to be a healer. I'm enjoying this learning path and this journey. Love light and blessings to all.

    1. My birthday is 7_26. My wife's birthday is 9_26. She passed away this past Thanksgiving. And now myself along with many of our other friends see not only the number 26 everywhere but 726 and 926 as well. The only number I noticed when I glanced at a clock will show the hour and then the minute.. And the minute is always either XX:06 OR XX:26. So essentially what I'm saying is I only see you the 26th minute and the 6th minute of whatever hour the clock shows. In my Subaru it says that my average speed is 26 miles per hour as well as my average miles per gallon also 26. I wish I were able to post pictures on here to show all of the times I have gotten a receipt for either a food order or anything else where my number to be called is 26 or the total ends in 26. I know it seems like a lot and a lot of my friends thought I was crazy at first. Once they hung out with me a bit they started then noticing it themselves. And I told them once I see you at once they're not going to unsee it LOL.

      Stay well my friends

  8. One year ago I noticed that I was seeing the numbers 726 and 750, all the time. Right after that my son got shot and killed. Now I see those exact same numbers again all the time.i don't know what this means.

  9. I am haunted by the number 726 , I even have the number tattooed on me. It started when I was 26 my boyfriend at the time was also 26....his birthday was June 26. I got pregnant and we had a healthy boy , born on July 26 . This happy story doesn't end well....we both ended up going to jail that same yr. When I arrived to my cell, I was immediately drawn to the small window. I peared out that window and right in front of me on a Barb wire fence was a tiny piece of wood, painted green I remember. On it were the #'s 726...strange but not surprising because I had started to see my son's bday everywhere. I eventually got out. My brother picked me up and on the way home I began to tell him about the #726. He's a religious lottery player. Just for shuta n goggles we stopped and played the number. That night he won $626.00 !!! That was over ten years ago....and I still see the number all the time
    My question to everyone is if it's a sign??? How do I know what it's trying to tell me??? If u haven't noticed, my email also has the numbers in it. I am overwhelmed by all the infirmainfo I've read tonight about #726 as well as #26 which also haunts me...anyone have advice???

  10. Thank you Lord and to all Angels

  11. I embrace this message and give my trust to a higher power to bring further blessings to me and through me for the betterment of all.

  12. my birthday is 7_26.
    is that still mean any message to me!!

  13. I Accept my Good I deserve my Good and I more than anything accept me 🙏 thank you for it All…Amen 🙏