Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Number 780 is a blend of the energies and attributes of number 7 and number 8, and the influences of number 0. Number 7 is the number of philosophy and the philosophical, thoughtfulness and understanding others, deep contemplation and introspection, knowledge-seeking, study, education and learning, spirituality and spiritual awakening, empathic and psychic abilities. Number 8 is associated with self-confidence, personal power and authority, giving and receiving, truth and integrity, practicality, dependability and self-reliance, and manifesting positive abundance. Number 8 also relates to the concept of karma and the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and EffectNumber 0 represents the Universal Energies, the beginning of a spiritual journey and stands for potential and/or choice, developing spiritual aspects, eternity and infinity, oneness and wholeness, continuing cycles and flow, and the beginning point. Number 0 powerfully amplifies the energies of the numbers it appears with. 

Angel Number 780 suggests that you take the time to meditate, connect and communicate with the angelic and spiritual realm about your financial and monetary wants and needs. Ask for what you want and need with clarity and conviction and trust that you will manifest all that you require. 

Angel Number 780 brings a message to be open to receiving and accepting the infinite abundance and benevolence of the Universe. 
You have successfully manifested a steady flow of prosperity and abundance into your life and have learned how to consciously manifest your desires through visualizing, praying and using positive affirmations. Accept your blessings with gratitude and grace and know that they have been well-earned. Stay focused and balanced and continue to manifest your ‘good’.

Develop the skills and abilities that will lead to self-confidence and certainty of purpose.

Number 780 relates to number 6 (7+8+0=15, 1+5=6) and Angel Number 6.



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  1. Yes ,this is exactly what I need,self confidence,happiness and fulfilment.I have a long road to go,but I honestly think I've gotten over the hardest part of this mission.I see all of the bricks around my life falling away and there is only one subject brick left.

  2. Thank you Jesus and to my angels