Friday, January 13, 2012


Number 853 is a combination of the vibrations of number 8, the attributes of number 5, and the energies of number 3. Number 8 relates to giving and receiving, manifesting abundance, monetary and business acumen, mastery, management, self-confidence and personal authority, discernment and good judgement, insight and intelligence, the concept of karma, the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect. Number 5 resonates with making major life changes, imagination and curiosity, spontaneity, life lessons learned through experience, making life choices, personal freedom, auspicious opportunities and being true to yourself. Number 3 is the number of manifesting, creativity and self-expression, joy and spontaneity, growth and expansion, imagination and intelligence, affability and enthusiasm. Number 3 also resonates with the energies of the Ascended Masters.

Angel Number 853 is a powerful message about the important choices and changes currently taking place in your life. These changes are happening because of your positive attitude and your earnest intentions to better yourself and your life in general. Your prayers and positive affirmations have manifested your desired changes and results, and ‘better’ is now on its way.

Angel Number 853 is a message that the angels are overseeing the life changes you are currently experiencing and are ensuring that all goes according to Divine plan. If feeling any fears, doubts or anxieties about these life changes, call upon the angels for help, healing, guidance and support.

Encourage and nurture your innate creativity and allow it to give expression to your true self. Recognize the value of your insights and intuition and indulge in creative thinking, being and doing. Find new and interesting ways to call upon the creativity within you.

Create a space for creativity and enthusiasm to thrive, and find clarity about your life and soul purpose. Harness your creative powers and work from loving and open heart and mind as creativity is a way that you can express your true self.

Number 853 relates to number 7 (8+5+3=16, 1+6=7) and Angel Number 7.



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  3. Joanne, by creative powers; do you mean power to create or for instance playing an instrument? Or both, perhaps? Thank you for everything! <3

  4. This number was special to an ex and I. I haven't spoken to him in years. I keep seeing this number and didnt know if it had to do with him or not. But, now that I read its significance, it is so right for me. <3 #Grateful365

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  6. Thank you! It was time for me to look these numbers up.

  7. How bout a THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!

  8. I've seen this angel number twice , Thank you so very much Angels .Thank you for continue to guide and protect me during this crucial times. #1 Fan

  9. Kindly accept my heartfelt gratitude for this inspiring/educative piece.

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  11. Thank you so much Joanne. Sending you love and aupport.

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  14. 7 is my birth month coincidence