Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Number 1778 is a blend of the energies of number 1, the vibrations of number 7 appearing twice, amplifying its influences, and the attributes of number 8. Number 1 relates to striving forward and pursuing goals, ambition and tenacity, self-leadership and assertiveness, evolution, initiative, instinct and intuition, and promotes changes, new beginnings and starting afresh. Number 1 also relates to creating our own realities with our thoughts, beliefs and actions. Number 7 resonates with the energies of spirituality and spiritual enlightenment, development and awakening, secrets, myth, ritual, the esoteric, empathy and psychic abilities, understanding others, persistence of purpose, knowledge-seeking, study, research and education. Number 8 carries the influences of manifesting positive abundance, business and material acumen, personal power and authority, delegation, a desire for peace and a love of humanity and world transformation, giving and receiving and the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect (Karma).  

Angel Number 1778 is a message from your angels that your thoughts, beliefs and positive affirmations have manifested an increased flow of positive abundance into your life and your angels urge you to keep up the positive energies and expect further prosperity, fulfilment and happiness. You have listened to your higher-self and heeded your inner-voice. Your inner-voice is your voice of truth and wisdom, and it will always lead you in the right direction. You cannot be truly happy if you are not true to the inner-voice or Divine source within your heart.

Angel Number 1778 may suggest that if you are considering expanding or beginning a spiritually-based career, practice or profession, the angels will support and encourage you to take the necessary steps. You will find long-term rewards and benefits for yourself and for those whom you teach/heal/inspire. Ask for angelic guidance when feeling any doubts or fears as to your path.

Angel Number 1778 encourages you to focus upon your spiritual path and look to practices and interests that call to your soul. You are in charge of your own life and have the power to choose your actions to suit yourself. Step into your own power and live your life true to yourself. A successful life is not found in possessions, money or material excess, but in love and respect for the self and others.

Number 1778 relates to number 5 (1+7+7+8=23, 2+3=5) and Angel Number 5.


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