Sunday, June 28, 2015


Number 2088 brings together the vibrations and energies of number 2 and number 0, and the powerful attributes of number 8 appearing twice, doubling its influences. Number 2 imbues balance and harmony, duality and adaptability, devotion, duty and service, adaptability, insight and intuition, diplomacy and co-operation. Number 2 also relates to faith and trust and serving your life purpose and soul missionNumber 0 carries the ‘God force’ and Universal Energies, and relates to developing one’s spiritual aspects, the beginning of a spiritual journey, eternity, infinity, oneness, wholeness, continuing cycles and flow, the beginning point, and potential and/or choice. Number 0 amplifies the energies of the numbers is appears with.  Number 8 brings it energies of manifesting wealth and abundance, self-confidence and personal authority, discernment and good judgement, achievement, giving and receiving, inner-wisdom and material success. Number 8 is also the number of karma – the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect.

Angel Number 2088 is a powerful number resonating with your personal spirituality, who you true are within, your inner-strengths and your abilities to manifest both material and assorted energies into your life. It is also a number that gets things done.

Angel Number 2088 brings a message that your affirmations, self-belief, confidence and positive attitude have manifested wonderful blessings of many kinds into your life, and the current flow of abundance is a reflection of your mind-set and high expectations. You are encouraged by your angels to use your manifesting abilities wisely so that you manifest only the best for your highest good. 
Angel Number 2088 tells you to listen to your intuition, angelic guidance and inner-wisdom in regards to your career, income earning capacities and lifestyle choices in general, as they are leading you in the right direction. The more you listen to and trust spiritual and angelic guidance, the easier it is to receive further help and assistance.

Angel Number 2088 also encourages you to strive to maintain a positive attitude and mind-set about your life. Positivity means acknowledging blessings and learning to view all of life from a positive perspective. Learning to see the highest good in everything (and everyone) requires thought, effort, courage and love. Let go of negativities, fears and worries that drain your energies, and look to thoughts, beliefs and activities that uplift and empower you.

Angel Number 2088 encourages you to step into your personal power, live your life as you wish it to be lived, and stay positive, focused and loving.

Number 2088 relates to number 9 (2+0+8+8=18, 1+8=9) and Angel Number 9.


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