Friday, December 04, 2015


Number 2521 is a compilation of the vibrations of number 2 appearing twice, amplifying its influences, the energies of number 5, and the attributes of number 1. Number 2 relates to service to others, insight and intuition, co-operation and adaptability, consideration for others, finding balance and harmony, duality, devotion and selflessness, and serving your life purpose and soul mission. Number 5 encourages us to be true to ourselves and live our lives accordingly, and resonates with personal freedom, making positive life choices and important changes, variety and versatility, motivation, adaptability, resourcefulness, activity and progress and learning life lessons through experience. Number 1 resonates with optimism, motivation and activity, creation, new beginnings and starting afresh, striving forward and progress, attainment and happiness. Number 1 also tells you that you create your own reality with your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Angel Number 2521 brings a wake-up call to make you pay attention to what is going on around you, and to stop and reassess your direction. Pay attention to the people in all of your relationships and all that is going on around you. Develop self-awareness and learn to acknowledge, recognize and understand the coincidences and synchronicities that appear in your life as each one comes with an important message for you to pay attention to.

Angel Number 2521 encourages you to connect with your higher-self and the wisdom within you before making any major decisions in your life. Wisdom, spiritual resilience and soul evolution comes from within yourself, so learn to access your deeper self and develop your spiritual strength. Change your beliefs so that they support your truest, most desired goals and do not allow limiting beliefs to stop you from taking action towards bringing your dreams to reality.

If you are feeling dissatisfaction in any area of your life, take positive action now. Pinpoint which areas need attention and make a point to change the situation. You create your own experiences, so make sure that you create the highest and best for yourself.

Number 2521 relates to number 1 (2+5+2+1=10, 1+0=1) and Angel Number 1.


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  1. Thank you, Joanne, for sharing this message with care. I feel fatigued with spiritual teachers sharing their information from an exasperated position that involves blame. While our reality may reflect aspects of our inner state, that doesn't necessarily translate to mean that the circumstances around are caused by us. Being responsible for what occurs in our lives doesn't exactly mean shouldering the blame for the challenges. Challenges could arise to allow us to choose the reality we now prefer. Being responsible simply means being able to respond. With a higher perspective, we can freely choose which way we want our lives to go in and respond to that desire. So thank you for being a teacher with the wisdom not to hit your audience over the head with your insights but to instead offer information with humility and intention to effect resolution.