Friday, January 01, 2016


Number 2611 is a combination of the energies of number 2, the attributes of number 6, and the vibrations of number 1 appearing twice, amplifying its influences. Number 2 resonates with balance and harmony, duality and adaptability, devotion, duty and service, adaptability, insight and intuition, diplomacy and co-operation, faith and trust, and your soul mission. Number 6 relates to providing and provision, possessions, status and the monetary aspects, service and domesticity, love of home and family, caring and nurturing, responsibility and reliability, grace and gratitude, honesty and integrity. Number 1 resonates with inspiration and initiative, new beginnings, creation, action and activity, strength and self-reliance, tenacity, motivation, striving forward and progress, instinct and intuition, and creating your own realities.

Angel Number 2611 indicates that the efforts you have put towards being true to yourself and living an honest and authentic life and lifestyle have been acknowledged by the angelic and spiritual realms, and in turn you have manifested your well-earned rewards. Be open to receiving and accepting your ‘good’, which may appear in the form of new opportunities, new projects and/or new ideas.

Angel Number 2611 reminds you that your thoughts, beliefs and actions create your reality. Make sure that your vibrations are aligned with your true soul’s desires. Explore your genuine feelings and emotions and learnt to trust them. Refine your idea of what you truly want in life and choose your thoughts, beliefs and actions wisely so that your vibrations resonate with your intentions and desires.

You are encouraged to make some upgrades to your home environment, both within your house/home and within your relationships with family/loved ones. Take the time to spruce up your living spaces with fresh colours and textures, plants, ornaments and flowers ... whatever you love to have around you. Use some basic Feng Shui principles and make your home reflect peace, harmony, comfort and your own inner-light and beauty. Tell family and friends how much you love and appreciate them being in your life as sharing love fosters more love.   

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  1. amo y creo en tu trabajo Joanne , gracias por regalarnos junto con los ángeles esa luz que aveces necesitamos.