Sunday, January 08, 2017


Number 3240 is a combination of the vibrations of number 3, the attributes of number 2, the energies of number 4, and the influences of number 0. Number 3 is the number of manifesting, creativity and self-expression, joy and spontaneity, growth and expansion, imagination and intelligence, affability and enthusiasm. Number 3 also resonates with the energies of the Ascended Masters. Number 2 is associated with balance, harmony, duality, peace, adaptability, service to others, diplomacy, receptivity and love, charm, understanding others, mediation and co-operation, consideration, faith and trust, your life purpose, support and encouragement. Number 4 resonates with patience, practicality and application, hard work and responsibility, conscientiousness, progress, honesty and integrity, diligence and determination to achieve goals. Number 4 also relates to our passion and drive in life, and relates to the energies of the Archangels. Number 0 represents the Universal Energies, the beginning of a spiritual journey and stands for potential and/or choice, developing spiritual aspects, eternity and infinity, oneness and wholeness, continuing cycles and flow, and the beginning point. Number 0 powerfully amplifies the energies of the numbers it appears with. 

Angel Number 3240 encourages you to keep up your current momentum and rely upon your intuition and your angels when you need help with direction, ideas and guidance. Continue to put your will and efforts towards living your truths and walking your spiritual path, safe in the knowledge that the angels, Ascended Masters and Archangels are guiding, assisting and supporting you every step of the way. Take notice of the strong, repetitive impressions that come to you through your feelings, thoughts and visions as these are direct messages.

Angel Number 3240 brings a message to keep up the good work you have been doing in your life on all levels. You have shown patience and wisdom in your dealings with others and have established solid foundations from which to propel yourself forward in your desired direction/s. Take the time to meditate, connect and communicate with the angelic and spiritual realms to find balance and clarity, and expect wonderful blessings as you deserve them. Trust that your prayers and positive affirmations will be heard and responded to by the angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters

Trust the promptings of your inner-self to pursue your passions and purpose. Use positive affirmations and keep a positive attitude about your life and destiny and maintain a strong connection with the angels to ensure continued abundance, guidance and direction. Be open to receiving and accepting your ‘good’ and use it to advance you along your path.

Number 3240 relates to number 9 (3+2+4+0=9) and Angel Number 9.

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