Sunday, October 23, 2016


Number 3181 is a blend of the energies of number 3, the vibrations of number 1 appearing twice, amplifying its influences, and the attributes of number 8. Number 3 is the number of manifesting, creativity and self-expression, joy and spontaneity, growth and expansion, imagination and intelligence, affability and enthusiasm. Number 3 also resonates with the energies of the Ascended Masters. Number 1 resonates with independence and uniqueness, striving forward and new beginnings, motivation, assertiveness and action, positivity and achieving success. Number 1 brings a reminder that we create our own reality and encourages us to step out of our comfort zone and step towards new directions and opportunities. Number 8 relates to self-reliance, reality, manifesting wealth and positive abundance, self-confidence, discernment and good judgement, achievement, giving and receiving, philanthropy and serving humanity, and karma; the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect.  

Angel Number 3181 brings a message that is a great time to be open and receptive to ideas for exciting new adventures and experiences. Part of your angels’ function is to ignite the spark within you and to connect you with the knowingness that you already possess. Research, study and discover your own truths for yourself. Integrate what resonates within you and discern what does not. Allow your truths to surface and visualize your dreams coming true. Do not allow others to silence your new knowledge.

Angel Number 3181 reminds you that every day of your life you are creating who you are and the experiences you will have in your life. Allow your inner-wisdom and higher-self to direct your actions and trust that they are right for you.

Be gentle, kind, loving and truthful with yourself and others.

Number 3181 relates to number 4 (3+1+8+1=13, 1+3=4) and Angel Number 4.

Joanne Walmsley
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    Thank you Angels and you Joanne!
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