Thursday, August 26, 2010

Repeating Angel Numbers - 1's and 6's (1166, 1161, 6161, 6611, 661 etc)

The 1 and 6 combination is a message from your angels to keep your thoughts 'heavenward' and positive, and to let go of material matters or concerns. The focus is on emotions, family issues, the home environment and you as a person. New energies will be entering your life which will lead to a renewed enthusiasm. The angels are sending you positive energy and balance so that you are able to stay focused on your path.

A 611 combination is telling you to ask for help in repairing or readjusting something in the material world that may be hindering or bothering you and causing anxiety. This may have to do with unresolved debt or a purchase or attainment of something of importance that you are unable to afford at present. It may also be pertaining to a fear of loss. The angels ask you not to be disheartened but to maintain a positive frame of mind, as they are working hard behind the scenes to fulfill your needs. You are asked to remain receptive of the gifts of the Universe.

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  1. Hello Joanne, I need to say "thank you" :) Thank you and Thank the Universe. A friend forwarded me to your site about two months ago and I just realized that I use it daily. I will turn the reading into a request or affirmation. For instance, "You are asked to remain receptive of the gifts of the Universe."-- I will take the time to write "Universe, I seek to remain receptive of the gifts you offer me!" I appreciate the help turning my thoughts in a postive direction and I do receive blessings and gifts every day. I find your blog to be invaluable. - Jessica

  2. Thanks Jessica ... I'm so pleased that you have found my site to be of value to you ...



  3. Hello, my friend gave me this site and I must say that I am wery confused. Every thing is clearly explained but please could you help me with some more explanation. A friend who gave me this address did it because I told her my awkward seeings and dreams . For example , every day a big sequence of numbers appears to me in different from, like almost every time when someone asks me what time is or just I want to know same numbers appear - 10:10, 12:12, 17:17 but mostly 11:11, 10:11, 11:10, 21:21. On car registration most of the time every numbers that exist : 0999, 4334, 3434, 3344, 0101, 2020,0022,1818,8811,1888, etc. Constant appearing of double numbers. My apology for bad english, I'm from Croatia. Thank you! Tanja

    1. Those numbers are messages, you have to read and understand them. Everything is explained on this site. You unconsciously know when to check for a certain number, so do it and truely understand its meaning ! Numbers will repeat until you notice and understand them, then you will have other messages and you will keep going ! Bless you !

  4. You are influencing yourself at the most awesome of moments to recall to yourself, that your soul mission is Awakening!
    As each sequence passes through your conscious awareness, you, Tanja, are recognizing these patterns and are beginning to accentuate their arrivals by focusing on them more and more.

    Each number represents specific characteristics based on the energy each number value holds.

    12.12. or 21.21 to me, is a reminder that time doesn't exist, duality and time is nonexistant, and I exist on a multidimensional state of be-ing.

    11.11. The human state you are in now, isn't free of the world you are surrounded in. The natural flow and state of the body can be reflected by the natural flow of the sea and the changing winds. 11.11 is an entry point for you to realize the HERE AND NOW. You are no longer focused on the there and then. Understand your daily awakening from sleep, is characterized by much more than what you see and feel, THERE IS A WORLD WITHIN A WORLD of opportunity that you do see, and you do feel on an even deeper level of true desire, these desires stem from your heart center, which is the entry point of your soul's pure love.

    You have all that you need and exist in ever eternal moments of now.

    I have learned a great amount of information by Joanne's Index of Numbers, and continue to attract these sequences as my guiding facets into moment to moment living.

    A shift of awareness is presented to you and has the best opportunities that you can fill by your soul purpose.

    Always Seek Within, and Feel the answers you find.

    In great care and gratitude,
    Zachary Annyor

  5. So brilliantly put Zacharay. Thanks so much for your wonderful contribution.

    Blessings, love and light,


  6. Annyor and Joanne, thank you from my whole being on your time and kind words with explanation. From the time that I wrote to you, tonight I read your answers and they calmed me down..That repeting sequences of numbers didn't stopped, they are more often than usual now and I hope this will help now to focus myself on searching that answers that I was looking for before it continuosly started to freak me out a bit. That I was searching for, that answers on questions that followed me for a long time was written in a book that I started to write a few months ago. Now I don't understand yet, is this the universe saying me do give up of that and give myself to other, maybe more important thing to do. If you feel that you could answer to me, if it isn't too much to ask because I truly feel that I'm on the right place and I belive in your work and in the power and beauty, and superiority of the Universe and it's magnificent beings.

    Great Gratitude,

  7. Hi could you PLEASE help me understand this numbers...have been seeing them for over 5years now and am still confused. The number 116,119,111,911. unknowingly the car i just bought has the number 116 on the dash board. My parents home address is 191 my bank account number ends with 119...most call or messages i get from fiance i recieve or ends calls at end with 119 and other times 116. Please HELP will be getting marrued next week...hope its not a WARNΔ°NG. Thanks in advance.

  8. Thank you, Joanne! Thank you, Angels! What I would do without you! Ludmila

  9. What about the numbers 61616. Any special meaning behind that??

  10. I had a dream last night 1161 with three circles next to number. Does this mean anything.

  11. So, I just had a dream about Greensboro Ga, the date on a paper taped to a wall was 6/16/16.

  12. What if the repeating number happens to be 161616 ? is it the same but intensified, or slightly different? With grateful thanks in advance