Friday, October 14, 2011


Number 639 is made up of the vibrations and energies of number 6 and number 3, and the attributes of number 9. Number 6 resonates with love of home and family and domesticity, service to others and selflessness, responsibility and reliability, providing for the self and others.  Number 6 also resonates with personal willpower, independence, grace and simplicity, and overcoming obstacles. Number 3 offers assistance and encouragement, communication and enthusiasm, growth, being brave, expansion and the principles of increase, manifesting your desires, broad-minded thinking, self-expression, talents and skills, and the energies of the Ascended Masters. Number 9 denotes endings and conclusions and relates to the Universal Spiritual Laws, a higher perspective and expansive viewpoint, strength of character, non-conformity, the concept of karma, leadership and leading life as a positive example for others, altruism, humanitarianism and lightworking.  

Angel Number 639 encourages you to continue on your current path as you are successfully manifesting support to sustain and maintain you as you toil at your lightworking duties. All that you need, including love, support, positive energy and guidance will be readily supplied by the angels and the Universal Energies as you serve your Divine soul purpose. Expect positive abundance to enter your life with a steady flow and be gracious and grateful for your blessings. Know that they are well-earned.

Angel Number 639 tells you that your prayers about your spiritual path and purpose are being responded to by the angels and the Ascended Masters. Listen to your intuition and the guidance from the angels, and take positive action as directed. Give any fears or worries to the angels and purposefully serve your soul mission with love, light and grace.

Angel Number 639 may also suggest that any aspects of your life that may be coming to an end and/or close will allow for new opportunities to arise that will assist you with serving your life purpose in a manner that will utilize your unique set of skills, talents and abilities. Be true to yourself and your chosen path as each lightworker receives his or her own unique assignments (or soul missions) concerning how to help with healing the world.
Number 639 relates to number 9 (6+3+9=18, 1+8=9) and Angel Number 9.

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  1. 639, 693, 963, 396, 369 Grateful! 💜

    1. I have seen number 639 everyday this week. My new number that was given to me,in fact it was the first offer and I took it for sure lol is 306-993-6036. We also have 1 other area code here in Saskatchewan the blessed land and it is 639. I'm still so happy and grateful for my new # with the 306 area code.��������♈♈♈

  2. I look for numbers that add up to 9 but never knew what it meant. To me it was judt a perfect number. I add up numbers of license plates and I am pleased with those add up to 9.

  3. Wow! An awesome message!!!
    Immensely blessed & grateful always!!!
    Thank you Joanne and thank you Angels !!!
    Love,peace and Light to all!!! ♡♡♡

  4. ♡♡♡♡
    Immensely blessed & grateful always!!!♡♡♡

  5. Excellent.... Have a great day people!

  6. I wake up every morning at 6:39
    Without any clock alarm

  7. This is such an awesome experience I don't know how to take it all in but I'm doing the best I can I love I love this and I to look at license plate in the letters k e v comes into effect and to me that means keep everything visualize 639 that is so cool what I just read I'm also seeing 505 539 and holy cow what an awesome experience thank you everyone for letting me experience something like this as I'm in human form of I believe I keep seeing signsI'I must keep traveling to carry out my life purpose and missions

  8. Nailed it <3 I woke this a.m. at 6:39a, and often these are the numbers I reference through Joanne (wakeup time). Absolutely "On." :) Thx!

  9. Wow praise the Lord hallelujah

  10. I live in Canada our identification number is called a SIN number they all are 9 digits long. That isn't the significance. My SIN starts with 639 with the 6 other numbers made up of a pattern the first 3 are a pattern of 8 and 9 the final 3 digits of the exact the pattern of 8 and 9 exactly transposed of the middle 3 digits of 8 and 9. As a 4 year old, while playing with pennies on the floor I discovered the secrets of the numbers 3 6 and especially 9 and the 639 significance too. We have to fill out a for when we are old enough to work and then you are give a SIN. I knew this was no accident what my SIN is nor was I surprised.

  11. Lovely message. Thank you

  12. I'm not a lightworker and have no intention to be one