Thursday, October 27, 2011


Number 686 is a compilation of the energies and attributes of number 6 and number 8, with number 6 appearing twice, amplifying its influences. Number 6 resonates with the vibrations of grace, gratitude and humility, love of home and family, honesty and integrity, nurture and care, simplicity and reliability, provision and the material aspects of life, problem-solving, solution-finding and overcoming obstacles. Number 8 relates to personal power and authority, self-confidence, giving and receiving, philanthropy and benevolence, discernment, better judgement and inner-wisdom, achieving personal success, manifesting wealth and abundance and the concept of karma; the Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect.  

Angel Number 686 is an auspicious message that infinite abundance and supply are always available to you. The tides are turning for you in regards to the financial and material aspects and you can expect abundant supply to enter your life. Put your natural skills and talents to good use and maintain a positive attitude to ensure that all of your material needs are met and you are provided for throughout your life. Be grateful for your blessings to encourage and manifest further supply.

Angel Number 686 may be indicating that a material possession is about to leave your life. If you do not intend to lose or sell anything in your material life, make a point of changing your thoughts to alter this direction. Take stock of all that you have as it may be implying that it is time to de-clutter your home (or life in general) and be rid of the old. If you are intending to sell or be rid of something material in your life, Angel Number 686 is a sign that your wish is about to come true and your item will sell or leave your life quickly.

You have the strength to gently deal with difficult situations and circumstances and overcome tests appearing as challenges and obstacles in your life. 

Number 686 relates to number 2 (6+8+6=20, 2+0=2) and Angel Number 2.

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  2. I got the number 68686 168.6 as I left singing bowl class onto the freeway. :) This is awesome~

  3. I went to my car about 5 am.. my windows were like wet from raining all night..i started the car my back window was stemmy ..i look back througgt my mirror and the # 686 were perfectly in the middle of my back wibdow...i know my window was clean cause i had washed them the day before,,,so where or how them numbers got there idk,,

  4. It's the weekend sale here in town and it's free to everyone who wants to sell their things on their frontyard..I was wondering if my snowboard will be usefull again and as I looked at my snowboard pants I noticed the brand ''686'' and wanted to know its meaning as i listen a lot to numbers...cant beat this answer !!

  5. I bought my meds and there it was 686. What is it warning me about?!?

  6. Awsome message !!!Thank you Angels !!! I've just gone true my stuff once again and decluttered things I won't use or need!!!! Everything is packed and ready to go to the local Charity shop tomorrow morning! Out with the old in order to welcome the new !!! :-)
    Thank you Joanne!!! You are amazing!!!
    Always and forever grateful !!!
    Stay blessed people, as we all are !!!
    Love,peace and Light to all !!! ♡♡♡

  7. Thank you thank you this was exactly what i've been waiting for!

  8. I saw the number 686 in my dream. It was written in the sky.

  9. Grateful immensely.
    May all that whitch must come in feel welcome and that which needs shedding be shed.
    Everything and all shall happen with ease.πŸ™❤πŸ•‰
    Endless love to everyone and all.
    Blessed us all be.❤🌟⚡

  10. Thank you... It's time to declutter, and let go of what is not serving me, I also need to get my thoughts together, and uncluttered as well. Grateful always for every reminder!!! πŸ’–πŸŽΆπŸ™πŸ₯°πŸŽΆ

  11. Thank you for this Wonderful Angel Number 686.. I 've been seeing 6's and 8's for awhile now. I just thought to myself , I continuously have to check myself to be a better person especially going thru challenges and adversities. Psalms 147:3 is powerful scripture.