Monday, June 20, 2016


Number 2965 is a blend of the energies and attributes of number 2 and number 9, and the vibrations and qualities of number 6 and number 5. Number 2 relates to receptivity and love, partnerships and relationships, duality, adaptability, faith and trust, service to others, flexibility, balance and harmony, diplomacy and mediation, understanding, support and encouragement, and serving your soul mission. Number 9 denotes endings and conclusions and relates to the Universal Spiritual Laws, a higher perspective and expansive viewpoint, strength of character, non-conformity, the concept of karma, leadership and leading life as a positive example for others, altruism, humanitarianism and lightworking. Number 6 is the number of love of home and family and domesticity, service to others and selflessness, gratitude, emotional depth and honesty, responsibility and reliability, providing for the self and others, simplicity, overcoming obstacles, problem-solving and solution-finding. Number 5 resonates with spontaneity, opportunities, life changes, making positive choices, personal freedom and individuality, resourcefulness, vitality, cleverness and intelligence, adaptability and versatility, and life lessons learned through experience.

Angel Number 2965 brings a message that it is time for you to detach yourself from old and outdated modes of thinking, toxic relationships, material possessions and items and/or anything else that is weighing you down and holding you back from being your best self. Release any negative feelings of fear and/or doubt and trust that you naturally possess all the skills, talents and knowledge you need to take on the challenges as well as the opportunities that your life presents. Be assured that whatever leaves your life at this time will be replaced with new and better suited.

Angel Number 2965 can also indicate that a current situation will be over soon and you will be able to find closure. Do not allow anything from the past stop you from pursuing your dreams and desires today. Look at the lessons and blessings from past experiences and allow them to guide you to make positive choices for yourself in the present moment. Seek intuitive clarity and guidance as you make choices and decisions throughout the day and invite your spirit guides and angels to be present with you. To live a life of love and joy you must begin by choosing to be in environments that create positive thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Honour the guidance you receive from your angels, spirit guides and intuition, and have the courage to follow through with it.

Number 2965 relates to the Master Number 22 (2+9+6+5=22, 2+2=4) and Angel Number 22 on the higher plane, and number 4 and Angel Number 4 on the lower plane.


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