Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Repeating Angel Numbers - 2's and 7's (27, 272, 227, 277 etc)

The 2 and 7 number combination is a message of positive news or fresh information to come.  Keep an eye (or an ear) out for signs, messages and opportunities to present themselves to you.  They will most likely have to do with inner-self issues and you are asked to listen to your intuition for guidance.




  1. All I see all day long are these two combinations of numbers! 2277, 272, 2227, 27, 72 2777!!!! But when I see them it doesn't freak me out I feel blessed!!

  2. I have seen 27s and 227s for almost 40 years now. The Lord has used these numbers to repeatedly get my attention. It is a blessing to know that he is near. Sometimes he is convicting me of my sin and my need to repent. How awesome He is in that he cares so much for me that he does not want me to perish in my sins. I was born on the 27th of May to parents who were both 27 at the time. I married on 2/27 and we had our first child when we were both 27. This is only the tip of the iceberg. I could write a book. Bottom line is I need to listen to the Lord. I have to live as He would have me live. Walk in His love and mercy on this earth in the here and now!
    Kirk James

    1. How awesome is this - I am also born on May 27th and do see 27, 227, 777 quite frequently :D

    2. I was born on May 27th as well. How cool :D

  3. born July 2nd 2nd day 7 month, 2-7 and both my daughters were born on the 27th day and my long lost boyfriend returned after 33 years and told me his 2 daughters also were born on the 27th day, my dad died on the 27th day, on my daughters birthday (27th) day, as I am writing this that was 27 years ago cause I was pregnant with my son who ill be turning 27 in a month,,, also I just fell in love with a lot I want to buy and it was lot 16 but when I looked on the plans the address is 2727 also my brother was born on the 27th day,, that is just a sample of what this is, oh ya as I look at the date today its Sept 27th 2015 ... how cool is that,, very crazy stuff no doubt,

  4. I get about 10-20 messages in 1 day from angels.