Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Repeating Angel Numbers - 2's and 0's (20, 200, 202 etc)

The 2 vibration is all about balance, harmony, peace and love.  2 is also the number of duality and polarity.

When the 2 and 0 combination repeatedly appears in your life, the angel's message is to do with 'Divine Timing'. Certain factors need to fall into place before your desired result can come to full fruition and you are asked to be patient whilst things are being organized behind the scenes by your angels and the Universe. The message is to hold onto your faith and trust and be patient for a little while longer.

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  1. Yes, Lilian. I am also very cusiour to the details and messages these particular numbers bring. I believe the writer a spiritual number interpreter genius. The degree of accuracy is astoundingly aplicable to my life. Thank you.

  2. Thank you! I see this pretty much every day now :).

  3. Replies
    1. Hello, i think this is related even to 0202 no mater how they follow.

  4. It gives me good relief to know I'm doing fine even though sometimes things seem weird and confusing.

  5. 60,100 are the numbers my son would use quit often

  6. 20 000 - lot of timing and patience :) Thank you

  7. how long is a littele while longer?

  8. I’m going back to school and my college tuition comes to $2,020.20... and I have to wait 14 days minumum to see if I qualify for this scholarship.

  9. i always see 2222. some days i see 2222 for more than 2 -3 times and it gives me bumps. what amni supposed to do? Am i on the right path?

  10. Being that today is Feb 2, 2020 or 2020-02-02, I find great encouragement in this reading. Blessings to all who find these words too!

  11. Had to come and look this up today, 2/22/2020! <3

  12. Had to come and look this up today, 02/22/2020! <3

  13. I have a repetition of 2.22 .20 .2020 in my life because I lost my daughter last year on 20.02 2019 and this year 22.02 2020 I also lost my father so please I want to understand thank you.