Repeating Angel Numbers - 3's and 5's (35, 335, 353, 355 etc)

When a 3 and 5 combination presents it suggests that a big life-change is headed your way.  This will be of a very personal nature, most likely to do with your life purpose and soul mission.

The Ascended Masters want you to know that they are holding your hand tightly through these changes, and want you to know that everything will turn out for the highest good.  There are also some new, creative freedoms to be had, so keep an open heart and an open mind.

* More information about NUMEROLOGY and all the meanings, vibrations, energies and attributes of the NUMBERS.
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  1. I see 3's and 5's everywhere! I know this is a blessing and my life is going to change for the best.

    Thank you Joanne, your website is amazing.
    Peace, love and light to you.

  2. I keep seeing 3553 Plus 555, 333

  3. Yes, thank you :).

  4. Anonymous18.2.15

    Happy li li li

  5. Anonymous2.8.15

    they wanted me to change, so with their help i manifested a rebirth. i can feel the energy building up inside me.its very scary cause the old me will die and i will be reborn into something new, its amazing :)

  6. Anonymous13.11.15

    Strangely enough I have a warm fuzzy sensation around my right hand even before I looked this up....

  7. I see multiples of 3 or 5 in the time. for example 15:30, 18:27 12:03 things like that. What does that mean?

    1. Anonymous3.2.16

      I second this quedtion ??? Anyone!!!

  8. I have a great day

  9. Number 3 indicates the spiritual presence of Ascended Masters, who offer their help.
    Number 3335 means YATSAR ( in Hebrew), which means to form, create, fashion, plan. It refers to the divine purpose of a situation. So pay attention what kind of projects are You currently working on :)

  10. I am currently in the middle of a life changing situation and it happen to lead me here to this page after looking at the meaning of 35, I feel it is important to acknoweledge this fo rthe next person to read and to take fo rconsideration...

  11. Anonymous13.6.16

    but is this a good or bad change? that's my only concern