Number 944 is a combination of the vibrations and attributes of the numbers 9 and 4, with the number 4 appearing twice, magnifying its influences.  Number 9 brings its qualities of the Universal Spiritual Laws, humanitarianism, spiritual enlightenment and development, leading by positive example, philanthropy and lightworking.  Number 9 may also suggest endings and conclusions.  Number 4 adds its energies of determined efforts, responsibility and reliability, building solid foundations, achieving your goals and well-earned rewards.  The number 4 also resonates with your passion and drive.

The repeating number 944 is a message that the angels and Archangels are supporting your Divine life purpose and are encouraging you to look into spiritually-based work and/or career path.  The angels encourage you to set your goals and pursue your aspirations with enthusiasm and passion.  Trust the workings of the Universe.

The repeating Angel Number 944 is a message that your Divine life purpose involves serving humanity using your ‘lightworking’ abilities.  Trust that you have all the skills and talents you need in order to fulfil your spiritual destiny.

Angel Number 944 may also suggest that it is time to let go of a situation that has now ran its course.  The angels wish to remind you that as one door closes, another opens, and the angels are helping you to open those new doors of opportunity and help you heal from any pain, sorrow or feelings of loss that may accompany the transition that you are now undergoing.


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  1. Joanne, could you please please tell me what the definition of a "spiritually based career or profession" is?

  2. A 'spiritually-based career or profession' :

    teaching others, healing (in all its forms), coaching, serving (as in hospitality) and serving humanity in a positive way, health care, counselling ... the list goes on.

    For more about spiritually-based careers, see:




    1. Thank you!!! I have much appreciation for you and your work :) Big hugs!

    2. As SOON as I said out loud that I want to spend ALL my time serving others as teacher of natural talents I immediately received this message..at the EXACT right moment-I affirm that my journey to serve HUMANITY starts today..thanks Joanne!!!

    3. Does personal training and coaching fall into this? I mean I know I heal in other ways too by providing unconditional love and the like. But it's not quite tangeable.

  3. Hi All,

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    Vidhi Agarwal

    1. Anonymous7.11.14

      You should not financially gain on Angel Numbers. You should concentrate on lightworking. Shame on you!!

    2. Anonymous18.1.15


  4. Thank u for all that You do my dear Joanne. I'm very thankful for everything.

  5. Thanks you everything you do. I'm very greatful for everything you do

  6. Anonymous5.3.15

    Thank You So much for putting your time in writing in so much detail ! I really need guidance at this point of time in my life and i am following through this with all my heart .

  7. Anonymous13.5.15

    There are no words to express how grateful i am to you Joanne. Your words have saved my life over & over again during my spiritual journey these last 10+ months. I didn't't think it was possible for so many upheavals to take place in such a short period of time but am also so blessed to have developed such a strong connection with the higher realms Throughout. I have learnt so many lessons & have grown & evolved to a spiritual level I wasn't even aware of before I started my spiritual journey. I have one question to ask of you if you have the time, please.

    How do I let go of someone I just can't bear to not have in my life? We both know we have to walk away from each other, but just the thought of not being in each other's presence is unbearable. The emotional and physical pain that we both feel in our hearts is unlike any other pain known to us. We know we were brought together for the greater good & to shine our Light & Uunconditional Love to the world But we just can't let each other go.
    What is the next step we need to take, ensuring we continue to make the world a better place???

  8. Hi
    Back to back I keep seeing
    Angel 722
    *Angel 744
    *Angel 822
    *Angel 844
    *Angel 933
    *Angel 1022
    *Angel 1055
    *Angel 144
    *Angel 444
    *Angel 1222
    1010 - 1022 - 1033 - 1044 - 1055
    1122 - 1155 -1222 -1233 -
    544 - 244 - 444 -
    644 - 833 - 533 - 433 - 440 - 755 - 855 - 344 - 355 - 3355 -
    7044 1033 1122 1022 1044 1055 1244 1255
    It's driving me a lil crazy

    1. Anonymous7.7.15

      Cant believe it, I do though...those are all the exact same numbers I see everyday along with 911 and 1111. It's been a while going on now and was driving me a bit crazy also with the whole list. I now start to let a few different ones resonate in between and it first mixes things up a bit then, noticing right away that they connect exactly to being in that moment in time. I just go with it now. part of my daily life and does explain very much of what is going on or feels like is going to happen.

    2. I need to talk to you Joanne I just found out I'm a light worker I'm trying to figure out all of this so I can fulfill my divine life purpose... I've been recieving messages in numbers for months.. And everything is finally coming together.. I would just love someone educated to talk to about all of this..

  9. Joanne and here it goes again 7:33 7:44 every time I look up at the clock....
    Joanne do you have any other explanation on seeing numbers like this I've done reseach but I'm still at a lost ???
    If you can, please and thank you.

    1. What do those numbers mean to YOU? When you notice the numbers appearing, what are you thinking? feeling? doing? planning? What personal relevance do the numbers have for you? The Angel Numbers (although they have a generic energy/message) are personal to each individual as each person is on their own path.
      Listen to your intuition and inner-knowing ...


    2. Much Love <3 Joanne!!!!
      I thank You!

  10. The meanings fit so well. They know exactly where you are in life. They are among us, like spirits or ghosts in movies but it is real. Angels may not be able to stop all of the evil in the world but they can assist you to do so with your flesh body, in my opinion.
    Not only do I see the numbers but I once saw a quick bright ball of light that was a luminating white at my home office desk. It was as if it was sitting in the chair and then stood up right next to my globe. When I looked it up they say there are a few different types of Angels, and a lot of them don't even have wings. It's like they're an energy of light. I dunno, but it's an amazing experience.

  11. Hi, iam seeing these no's.since quite a long time. I have seen no. 17171 in my dreams. Can you please guide me throuh.

  12. I've been seeing numbers for months.. Tonight I finally figured out in a lighter worker? I see 111 & 911 all the time... I know I'm blessed and surrounded by angels I want to know how to fulfill my life purpose email me please id love someone educated to talk to about all of this I don't want people thinking I'm crazy but I want to help people! Especially those who've lost a loved one...