Friday, October 22, 2010

Repeating Angel Numbers - 7's and 2's (7722, 7272, 77722 etc)

The 7 and 2 number combination is a message of positive news to enter your life in the very near future. This may be something that you’ve been waiting to hear or know for some time now. Take this new information and use it to your advantage and for the benefit of others.

The number 7 is to do with spirituality and the unknown, whereas the number to has to do with duality and finding balance.

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  1. Delighted with this message. Can't wait for the positive news! Thank you lovely Angels :)

  2. I saw earlier today 11:11, and then 5:55 and later I saw the basketball scores in tv that reads 72 72

  3. I saw similar combination today 5555 1111 and 7772

  4. I was born in 1972 and would like to know what it means .

  5. I was born in 1972 and have always been very lucky. Now i see why.

  6. Seen 727272 earlier at work after i read an email for a job interview i had earlier in the week, waiting patiently on the good news.

  7. Just seeing 7272 now parked at a gas. Station after a couple days work. Maybe the news is with employment cuz I been waiting for that for a while.

  8. Never saw this many numbers beforehand, just a couple. But i can say i'm at the point where im so down i dont care about the positive news lol not really worth the pain. Thanks though joanne

  9. This combination is coming to me very frequently... I am more curious to know as my birth date is 7 February, i.e. 7/2. Is there some more message? I do see a lot of 27 and 72 combination with 9 too.

    Yes, I am waiting for more positive news.. but its been a long time I am waiting to hear it. Hope it all gets well soon and I have that positive news soon.

    Thank you and bless you all!!

    1. Repeating numbers that align with your birth correlate that your soul mission or Divine purpose has to do with your inner self, hope this helps Namaste 🙏🦋

    2. Thank you for the reply.. and sorry I saw it only now. Yes, I have been trying to understand my life purpose. But right now financial need of my family is important so I have to keep doing the job. Don't know if I am more suited for spiritual practices. Asking the Angels to guide me. Thank you.

  10. I received 72222 today for the first time. Usually it's only four of the combination!

  11. I was born on 7/2/72
    I feel this has relevance to my life but can never pinpoint it.
    Please help

  12. Im ready! Been waiting something positive so this is more than welcome.

  13. Immensely blessed and grateful!!!
    Love,peace and Light to all!!!❤

  14. Amen.Grateful for every reminder. Today @ work as France & Croatia game was on I noted 77.22 as a minute/seconds counter & right now I was prompted to take a note of 27% battery life(of my mobile) @ 2.07am, hence 27/27.
    Blessed and easy journeys to all.
    Waiting for this information patently. 🙏❤🙌✌ I love you Joanne, thank you. Xo

  15. 72% Phone battery life @12.27 I was prompted to take a note of 7227.
    Grateful and blessed for this timely reminder.
    Love,peace and Light to all.🙌

  16. Timely. Immensely blessed and grateful. I had a hard time taking out the important message out of this combo. I'm prompted daily & more so hourly, to take a note of similar to this combo. The likes of
    You name it I receive the prompt.
    Thank you for clearing the FOG for me yet again Joanne.
    Let's all repeat my mantra.
    I focus on the Good ,so the Good will multiply.
    I focus on the good,
    So the Good gets better.
    Fear and do what calls you anyway.
    Fear is not bigger then you.
    You are the FORCE.
    I am the force.
    Joanne said:
    We are the Force of Bright Love and Light!
    And I repeat.
    Blessed and easy journeys to all.❤❤❤

  17. I GOT CHIIIIILS! THEY’RE MULTIPLYIN’!!!! ��������������������

  18. Amen.🙏♥️
    Blessed journeys to all.♥️

  19. I use Joanne Sacred Scribes daily. Ive been using it daily ever since I found it 5 years ago. I don't usually leave a comment but I feel compelled to say I love this cite and I appreciate it so much. Thank you for creating this wonderful resource for numerology. Sending endless love and appreciation to Joanne and all of existence.

    1. Endless love right back at ya "Unknown/June/6th/2019"
      Joanne is out Earth Angel, our Torchbearer and guiding light.🙌☯️
      As above, so below. We are one.❤

  20. Mine is 7227 mirror image of itself. As above so below. Something is coming I think

  21. Thank you very much. Your site is very helpful and the only one I trust.

  22. Hi,have received two texts messages on 72222.Kindly the meaning.

  23. Thank you 💙💜💜🦋

  24. Very strong and significant 7272 combo for me.
    •Fragile Steel• is coming out soon.
    Long awaited. For my own advantage and that of humanity as a whole.
    Hard work pays off. I know and trust.🙏☯️❤
    I love you Joanne.❤
    Sending much love, light and positive vibes to everyone and all. We are one.☯️ #TogetherAForce
    Blessed be all of us.🙌❤

  25. My birthday is 72772 an I know there is a meaning, along with I seem to be very lucky when I play these numbers or even a slot machine that is 7's

  26. Always and forever blessed, and grateful!!!🥰😇💗🙏☺

  27. Thank you!!! 🥰😇🙏

  28. Wonderful... Thank you!!! 🙏😇💖🥰😜

  29. I very much needed this message today...Thank you angelic and spiritual realms for orchestrating these changes and transitions for new and better to enter my life!!! Joanne thank you for being the voice of angels. 🙏😇🥰 Love and light to all of us 💖💗🥰💞💝

  30. Thank you for every timely reminder...Love and light to all of us!!!🙏😇🥰😊🎶

  31. Hello good news, goodbye Moody blues(not the band)