Friday, October 22, 2010

Repeating Angel Numbers - 9's and 6's (9966, 9696, 9966 etc)

Your angel's message is that it is time for you to detach from your material items, especially if you have had any obsession with any particular material possession/s. The 9 and 6 number combination asks you to 'let go and detach'. 

The 9 and 6 combination recurring is a message that something in your life is about to be replaced with something better. Remember that you deserve the best. Be open to receiving new possessions that exceed your expectations, as you are ready for an upgrade in your life.

Sacred Scribes

NUMEROLOGY  - The Vibration and Energies of NUMBERS

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  1. This was very accurate and very helpful information, thank you.

  2. Lol.. I needs it... Love your site Joanne.. Hopeful to have a reading someday..xoxoxo

  3. Could this possibly be relating to a current romantic relationship ?

  4. At the very moment I was obsessing over some upcoming bills I came across the number 9966. True story.

  5. Can this mean a person or just things ?

    1. @Lifeincake The message can relate to a person, bad or toxic habit, an unfulfilling job, friendship, situation, sircumstance a material possession, bills, financial worries or simply anything that DOESN'T SERVE YOU.
      I know my response reaches you late, yet I hope it finds you healthier, wiser and well. Sending much love, light and positive vibes to you and all.
      Love.Silv 🙌❤ IG @silv_at_walkbesideme

  6. I WAS A 9 IN MY FORMER LIFE , The numbers you want are 9696

  7. And upgrade is pending indeed.❤
    Beyond grateful.🙏🌟

  8. A shift is approaching and although u can not see what's to come..., or wait...maybe I can, I welcome it, by letting go of what should be shed, when Devinely timed...
    I trust.
    A massive shift is approaching...I see the 5's in all sorts of ways ... I see the 7's, I see the 56's, I see the 54's.
    It will be grand and very positive shift. On not one, but many levels.
    Some blessings which shall enter, timely, I'm aware of, for I have worked and keep on working very hard.
    Particularly on the Romantic & Work front.
    I am ready to reap the rewards from work well done. The includes solitude, keeping my energies intact by not twinning with what vibrates low or differently to me..., it includes being true to my self 101% at all times!
    My path is clear, I've made sure it stays this way! In my today and my here.
    Dearest Joanne, I love you. Always.❤
    Sending much love and light to everyone and all.❤ Happy New 2020 Getaway people! #TogetherAForce��

  9. Shedding...❤🌟🙏
    With love, patience and gratitude. Amen.

  10. Joanne, my birthday is 9/18/1968. That breaks down to the numerological numbers of 9,9,6,6. I have had an extremely fascinating and dynamic life so far. Now that I am 51 what can or should I expect for the future? I am hoping it vastly improves compared to what I have been through over the last 20 years. Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and stay healthy! - John Viola

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  12. Always grateful... 🙏😇💗 Love and light always!!!🥰

  13. Always and forever grateful. Thank you for every reminder. 🥰💗🙏😇💖🤗

  14. And here I am battling a drug dependency which has recently done more harm than good in my life. No doubt my life will immediately improve once I break the habit.

  15. ❤️ thank you