Friday, October 22, 2010

Repeating Angel Numbers - 8's and 5's (8855, 8585, 88855 etc)

The 8 and 5 number combination signifies that you are heading towards substantial changes in your life. The message from your angels is to remember that you are well loved and supported by the Universe, and to remind you to hold onto your faith and trust. Some restraints may be shed to enable a promotion or advancement of some sort.

The number 8 has to do with the energies of  authority, tenacity, wealth and abundance. The number 5 has to do with personal freedom and expression. Use the combined energies of these two numbers to your advantage.

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NUMEROLOGY  - The Vibration and Energies of NUMBERS

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  1. Wow those are big numbers! Thankyou for the insight ♥

  2. Here I come world

  3. I've been seeing 58, 85, 1805, 508, 805, etc. and I have a feeling this situation that I'm in won't go down well :(

  4. Wow, I'm awakening to the realization of numbers and have taken notice that since moving to a new state and starting a new life that the last four digits of my telephone number is 5885 👁

  5. Yes,yes,yes! I will do it. I am doing it! And I did it! ,Thank you!!!

    1. hahaha i JUST said THAT EXACT THING before coming here

  6. Amen!!!It is happening!!! 🎈🙏❤
    Change is inevitable and always positive,nevermind the stumbling blocks !!!🍀 I'm strong & I know within that everything will turn out to be a Blessing in disguise!!!🎈❤ I love you Joanne!!!
    Immensely blessed and grateful!!!❤
    Sending much love,peace,light and blessings to all !!!❤

  7. Grateful for every reminder!!!🧘‍♀️🎈🍀🙏♥️
    It is happening !!!
    This Friday !!! Moving country ,changing job ....♥️
    Second time in couple of months,because I can,because I accept change with grace,because I can,because I grow and evolve wile helping and teaching others!!!♥️
    I deserve the best and the best is what I manifest !!! Immensely blessed and grateful always !!!🙏♥️

  8. ya i am doing it finally

  9. I was born the 8th month, 5th day. I weighed 8lbs 5oz.
    What does this mean??
    Thank You for any guidance you can provide.

    1. It means you have the power to make great changes in your own life and the world in general. Always strive to be better than you were yesterday, even if it's something really small.

  10. May all that which must come feel welcome. I trust SELF, my intuition, the power of positive thinking and last but not least, the abundance of the UNIVERSE.
    I know I am safe, protected, Devinely guided, clear minded. Blessed and grateful for all the blessings in my life and all those yet to come.I can. I do. Now and always.❤🙏 I am the force. Amen.🙏❤

  11. Replies
    1. I was born 8/5/1985 lol

    2. So very true everything in my life is changing all this come to a head and I'm grateful I'm looking forward to the future for New beginnings and beauty thank you God

  12. Yes.Indeed...🙏❤
    I am successfully manifesting the changes..., because I deserve the best.
    And step by step, while being firmly focused on my bigger picture my words SHINES brighter and brighter, stronger and stronger every day.🙏❤
    I saw love and love I rip.
    Blessed us all be.❤🙌
    Love and light to everyone and all.

  13. May all that which must come feel welcome...❤
    Sending much love, peace and light to everyone and all.❤🙌☯️
    Blessed and grateful.☀️🌈🦄

  14. Safe and protected, trusting
    ~ always ❤

  15. May all that which must come, feel welcome.
    And yes, indeed some things are meant to happen. I finally met my Twin Flame. And even though nothing is as straightforward, it is beautiful, pure, strong inner connection, on the deepest level there is available.
    We feel and understand one another without words... We support each other growth (inner and outer), we inspire, motivate, deeply love and care for one another...
    And all this OUTSIDE OF ALL PHYSICAL AND MATERIAL. On a deep, soul level.
    The route between phase one and phase six happened in a space of a week/two... wild...
    Adding to that my first poetry book "Fragile Steel" is finally out, since 2.2.2020, now marketing it proves super challenging, yet mettle stimulating and exciting.
    I got this. I can do this. I got this handled.🙏❤
    Now here in the now...
    Holding on to my faith and trust and knowing that the best is manifesting.
    Feeling the wafer headed my way, feeling the unseen shift already happening. I trust in all felt unseen, FULLY. 🙏
    I'm manifesting miracles. Daily. Always. I deserve it. We all do.
    Endless love and light to everyone and all.🙏❤☯️🕉🌠👑

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  17. Grateful for this timely reminder, as blessed.🙏

  18. Massive changes inner & outer...building and sharing my holistic business and learning to be SEEN. What a beautiful message to get these numbers as deeper confirmation. Seeing 7777 and 8888 a loooot

  19. Blessed and grateful.
    Faith and Trust have been and are my keys are my must.
    I deserve the best and the best I'll manifest.🙏🧘‍♀️❤☯️🕉
    Sending much love and light to everyone and all.🙏

  20. Absolutely amazing! Grateful as always!🙏🕉❤ Endless love to everyone and all.🍀🕊

  21. Greatful for all timely reminders. I am safe, in the now and here. Blessed and always grateful.
    May all that which must come feel welcome. No fear.🙏❤ Endless love to everyone and all.❤🙌

  22. I fully trust my Angels, the process of Life and my intuitive guidance.🙏 Amen.❤
    Blessed us all be.

  23. The truth.
    Job shifting.
    I'm contracted until September and my work terms are changing, hence I'm moving on.
    It's only been a week since I started contacting my Recruitment agents, managed to register with few more and I'm even lined up for tree interviews already.
    Went through selection stage via a written interview with an amazing Content writer's company and now awaiting responce.
    I feel blessed, truly.
    Faith and trust are our keys and our must.❤🌟🙌
    Thank you Angel's and you Joanne.
    Our Earth Angel. I love you.
    Blessed us all be.

  24. 805 has followed me since birth (date of birth is a combo of these #s only!). More often than not - I am followed by these #s and especially 805 this year. Even my ph# has 5, 8, 0 in them. I tend to call them my lucky #s, so fingers crossed something beautiful comes about. This year has been tough for myself and many. May love find its way to everyone.

  25. Forever blessed and grateful for all the guidance from the angels, and the universe!!! It helps me know I'm loved and taken care of, and it's something to hold on to when things are difficult!!! Love and light always.💖🥰😇💗🙏

  26. Grateful always.
    May all that which needs to come feel welcome.🙏✨❤🙌

  27. Absolutely true.🙏✨❤
    Blessed and grateful now, always and forever ✨🙏

  28. The message is fully matching my intuititive feeling, as it's as sharp as my intention.
    I fully trust my inner feeling and the flowbof life.
    When something needs to go, it goes! Because it has served its purpose and it is done!
    I have zero doubts that the absolute best will continuously manifest; as it does
    ~ always and forever
    It is only when we vibrate our ultimate truth and the love we are, at each and every moment of our existence that everything in our life flows.
    I am beyond grateful to our Angels, Universal Masters and Spirit Guides for watching over us all.🙏🙏🙏
    Dearest Joanne, thank you for being
    ~ sincerely and from the bottom of my heart
    I thank you for talking and walking your truth;for following your soul's guidance, for creating this amazing platform of healing, love, inspiration, motivation and light.🙏❤🙏☯️
    Together A Force
    I love you❤🙌

  29. Yesterday evening, I noticed the repeating numbers 8585. I just started a new job in a new field last week. Yesterday morning, I got a phone call from another company in the new field of work that A) is closer to where I'd like to be right now, B) is offering a better position in the field, and C) pays better! They want to interview me at the end of the week! Wow, God is good. ��❤✨

  30. Timely message, and right on point... It's happening!!! Holding on to faith and trust... The entire universe is working in my favor!!! I am soo blessed, and my heart and soul are filled with gratitude. Love and light to all of us... I also express love and to Joanne for her guiding light, and for being the voice of angels. 🙏😇💖🥰☀🌻

  31. Divinely timed 🙏✨
    Beyond grateful for everything.
    Endless love and blessings to us all ❤✨🙌

  32. The mileage on my car 8585! WooHoo! Thank you so much for this site we can check our numbers on. Sending lots of love and light!

  33. Right on point... Forever and always grateful!!! Love and light to all of us... Blessings!!! 🙏😇💖