Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Repeating Angel Numbers - 5's and 0's (5500, 0055, 5050, 0505 etc)

The number 5 has to do with moving forward, freedom and courage and your angels wish to prepare you for some upcoming life changes.

The 5 and 0 combination is an important message that lets you know that your life changes are in Divine and perfect order.  Everything is moving along as it should on your life path, and you are asked to ‘go with the flow’.  There is no need to stress or be concerned at all, as all is going to plan.

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  1. Been getting 0055 quite often.

  2. Hello Joanne, thank you for the clarity on the number sequences from the Angels, I recently saw 5050 which was a different from the numbers I see like 1111,777,711,222, 311,411,555, 666, etc. this one is a little different

    1. If you add up all the numbers from 1 to 100 you get 5050. This is a famous math trick where you pair 0 with 100, 1 with 99, 2 with 98 etc. so that each sum is 100. There are 101 of these sums so 100x101/2 = 5050.

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  4. Im born 0505. Anyone else ?And thank you for the post! :)

  5. All Glory to the Master Creator who programmed this Sacred gift of existence on this planet! After burying my Grandfather's earthly vessel, his Spirit vividly reminded I am a Child of the Lord and I am on a mission for His Love and Light! The numbers continue to stand out and have been spot on for 2 months, along with spirits in animal form and many different sychronicities! Yahweh