Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Repeating Angel Numbers - 5's and 2's (5522, 5252, 2255, 5222 etc)

The combination of 5’s and 2’s tells you to expect a change to come about sooner than you may have foreseen. Changes may come about in unexpected ways and the angels ask you to stay open and receptive to them and to hold onto your faith and trust.

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  1. Yeah, judging by the numbers I've been seeing lately and how much I've changed lately, something is definitely about to happen :).

    And yeah, that other comment was made by me too.

  2. It was 255 when you made that comment too lol

  3. I just had a dream this afternoon about the number 5522 - in the dream I was with my friend Angelika driving in a car, ( I do not drive a car anymore because I have Seizures, so I am not allowed to drive) so I asked her many questions through Facebook Private Messenger about my interpretation of 5522, she is asleep at the moment because it is 4:00am in Germany at the moment, but I find it to be extraordinary that she was with me in my dream, the first 5 letters of her name are Angel and she mentioned the number 55 and I was driving down a Highway called 22 - I had such a strong feeling about it so I typed the number 5522 into the Google Search Engine and it directed me here. I am blown away.

  4. I have a thing with the numbers 2255. They are on my ID. I always look at the time to see how late it is at night and then it's always 22:55. But the weirdest thing is that I came in contact with pa boy on the 22th of march and we have dated 55 days (this is something what i calculated much later when i was thinking about it) we are done now but I think it is not the last time seeing each other, i have the feeling there are thingsthat have to be done. Its just like faith takes a leap

  5. Thanks very much. Do you know, I've been using this site for MONTHS now to check many repeating numbers. Thank-you soo much.

  6. I had a dream of my ex husband driving off in his car with the number plate 2525. this interpretation helps me accept this change in my life and to let him go. thanks!

  7. Thank you Angels.

  8. Thank you Angels,