Wednesday, August 05, 2015


Number 2179 brings together the attributes and vibrations of number 2 and number 1, and the energies and qualities of number 7 and number 9. Number 2 brings flexibility, finding balance and harmony, grace and devotion, faith and trust, encouragement and support, service and duty to others, attainment and happiness. Number 2 also relates to serving your life purpose and soul missionNumber 1 resonates with optimism, motivation and activity, creation, new beginnings and starting afresh, striving forward and progress, attainment and happiness. Number 1 also tells you that you create your own reality with your thoughts, beliefs and actions and encourages you to step out of your comfort zones.  Number 7 relates to evolution, secrets, myth, ritual, peace, poise, emotions and feelings, compassion, understanding the self and others, learning, study and knowledge-seeking, empathic and psychic abilities, and spiritual awakening and awarenessNumber 9 resonates with selflessness, destiny, humanitarianism and altruism, the concept of karma and the Universal Spiritual Laws, sensitivity, loyalty, a higher perspective, lightworking and leading by positive example. Number 9 also denotes closures and conclusions.

Angel Number 2179 is a message that your thoughts, visions and intuitive feelings about your life purpose are successfully guiding you in the right direction. You are now ready to fully step forward upon your spiritual path and pursue your soul’s calling, so take the time to still the mind and listen to your own soul’s voice. Give any fears or concerns to the angels for healing and get on with serving your soul mission with passion and confidence. The angels support and encourage you in your lightworking endeavours and spiritual practices and urge you to live your personal truths. Have faith and confidence in yourself and your life’s mission and accept your blessings with grace and gratitude.

Angel Number 2179 encourages you to be compassionate, thoughtful, philanthropic and of service to others and humanity as a whole by putting your spiritual knowledge and wisdom into practice and shining your light for others to follow. 

Angel Number 2179 can also indicate that a major phase or cycle, situation or circumstance in your life has come to completion and this has brought closure to projects, associations and/or ways of ‘being’ and doing. If you wish to be rid of something in your life, thank it for its service to you, bless it with love, then release it and let it go.

Number 2179 relates to number 1 (2+1+7+9=19, 1+9=10, 1+0=1) and Angel Number 1.


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