Wednesday, June 08, 2016


Number 2888 is a compilation of the vibrations of number 2, and the attributes of number 8 appearing three times, tripling its influences. Number 2 relates to your intuition and insight, service to others, diplomacy and mediation, duality, finding balance and harmony, receptivity and love, selflessness, ambition, sensitivity, faith, trust, and your life purpose and soul mission. Number 8 is the number of management, self-confidence and personal authority, manifesting positive abundance, decisiveness, giving and receiving, inner-wisdom and intelligence, discernment and good judgement. Number 8 is also the number of karma, the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect.

Angel Number 2888 encourages you to review your life with total honesty and consider the areas in which you are not being true to yourself, then be ready to change them. Choose to do what you genuinely want to do rather than act out of guilt or obligation to another and/or others. Make choices and take actions that empower you and embrace your uniqueness. Be open-minded, but listen to your own intuition and inner-knowing when making decisions for yourself. See your spiritual light for all its glory and shine it brightly.

If you have the urge to begin a new career which entails serving humanity in whatever way suits your passions and unique talents and skills, Angel Number 2888 may suggest that it is time to begin (or expand) a spiritually-based practice and/or profession or heart-based service or project. Trust that all you need in your quest will be provided by the angels and Universal Energies in Divine right time, and often in the most miraculous ways.

Remember that everyone is unique and has their own paths to travel and lessons to learn. Everyone has something special to offer the world and everyone has their own soul mission to fulfill.

Angel Number 2888 also brings a reminder that the energy you send out comes back to you, so only radiate the energy that you are willing to receive back. Rely upon yourself, be independent, and live your life being grateful for all in your life and all yet to present.

Number 2888 relates to number 8 (2+8+8+8=26, 2+6=8) and Angel Number 8.



  1. I am in Stupefied Wondrous Awe, of my Angel Messages every single time.

    I am Super Grateful beyond words for All my Angels,
    Amen, Thank God !