Repeating Angel Numbers - 3's and 6's (3366, 3636, 6633, 6363 etc)

The 3 and 6 combination is a message that the Ascended Masters are helping you to manifest the material items you need to enable you to live out your Divine Life Purpose.  Whatever it is that is needed will be presented to you in due course.

* More information about NUMEROLOGY and all the meanings, vibrations, energies and attributes of the NUMBERS.
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  1. 3636 appeared in a vision, prior to awakening. Initially I thought it referred to the home I desire to buy, which address is 3636 (Paradise Dr.).
    Additionally, I've seen visions of 777, 777 7777...777, 888, 555, et al, and synchronicities of these numbers - on a daily basis! I am deserving of good in my life, especially after many initiations and challenging journeys of growth. I am trying to remain patient, which I have been successful at. I just desire for my good sooner than later because I am in need, but I will just continue on with patience.

    Any advice, etc., is appreciated. Thanks in advance.