Number 324 is a blend of the vibrations and energies of number 3, number 2 and number 4. Number 3 relates to optimism and enthusiasm, communication and self-expression, inspiration and creativity, encouragement and assistance, talent and skills, expansion and growth.  Number 3 also relates to the Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters help you to focus on the Divine spark within yourself and others, and assist with manifesting your desires.   Number 2 carries the vibrations of duality and finding balance and harmony, partnerships and relationships, diplomacy, mediation and adaptability, sensitivity and selflessness.  Number 2 also resonates with faith and trust and serving your Divine life purpose and soul mission.   Number 4 resonates with working steadily towards goals and aspirations, truth and integrity, practicality, system and order, self-initiation, building solid foundations, and enthusiasm coupled with determination.  Number 4 also relates to the Archangels.

Angel Number 324 suggests that you are to find a balance between your work, leisure and rest times.  Relaxing and taking the time to meditate and connect and communicate with the angels helps you to manifest your desired results and outcomes.  Stay focused upon your life purpose and trust that the angels surround and support you.  Stay open to angelic guidance.
Angel Number 324 is a message from your angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters that your hard work, efforts and determination are reaping rewards and you are being blessed with the fruits of your labours.  Through diligence and responsibility you have achieved a great deal in many aspects of your life, and the angels are commending you for your efforts and encouraging you to keep up the good work.  You have earned the right to expect positive results and outcomes to situations and circumstances in your life.

It is important to stay positive and hold a clear vision of your desires and intentions.  Positively affirm that you have already achieved or exceeded your dream/s.

Number 324 relates to number 9 (3+2+4=9) and Angel Number 9.

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  1. Hi,

    How strange. I've seen this number recently. In a very strange situation. I was at a 3-way road junction, by a house called (note) triangle house, about to cross at the traffic lights. I heard a siren coming from behind, many people cross the street anyway, but I always stop. In front of me, a car skidded past going fast, in front of the house. Then a bicycle came down the same way very fast. If I hadn't stopped, I could have been run over. Instead I did. I blessed the siren, as it basically saved me. But I've been thinking about it quite a lot. It was raining, by the way.

  2. Anonymous19.3.15

    First off, I never was a guy who put faith in palm readings and taros, but this number 3..2..4..has had such an overwhelmingly supernatural existence in my life for the past 6 years so existential, that I couldn't ignore it if I tried, and it will not be denied attention. This number is of such significance to me for three reasons, It's the date my Grandmother passed, it is also the date my mother died, but the most disturbing of this trinity is..That it's the date I was born..March 24th..324. I couldn't make this up if I wanted to, and God knows how bad I want to. Oh, and it gets worse, the day after she died, the GA lottery cash 3 drawing was, yes you guessed it. 3..2..4. I've never played the lotto much but since that day I've won at least twice by playing that number. One positive right? Maybe an inkling of hope could bear it's miniscule fruit if I didn't see this blasted number everywhere I go. On a mailbox, a license plate, gas prices, at my job, several prominent actors and entertainers coincidentally have this birth date. Coincidence? The time on my alarm clock when I inexplicably wake up out of a deep sleep and glance over to my dismay. On the tv, to further add insult to mortified injury, Feb. 7th 2010 Superbowl Sunday The Indianapolis Colts vs the New Orleans Saints, my most hated rival (being a Falcons fan). Colts were down, but could put a drive together to get back in it. Just before the balls was snapped I glanced at the remaining time..3:24 The ball was snapped Peyton proceeded to throw a pick six to Porter that put the game away and forever ruined my Super Sunday moment. Yet, at that time, all I could think about was the time on the clock before the snap.3:24. I could give you several more instance that torture my mind incessantly, but you get the gist..I guess proverbial saw was today while freeing up battery life on my phone, the estimated talk time left was yep, 3hrs.and 24mins. I am a person of faith and I believe that God has a plan, just not sure it involves me. I also believe that you should continue to search for answers to your life until God guides your way back to hopefully the peace, if not understanding we all desperately need. Could it be possible for me to be cursed? Is this some futile, unforseen, fateful, conclusion that is 2 generations in the making to be completed by 3? Or as this post suggests, Angels watching over me to a fortuitous, yet bittersweet reward? I pray it be the latter. So, hope I didn't mess any minds up, just had to get that off my chest from the past 6 years. Thanks for listening.. (whomever you maybe..)

    1. Listen Unknown. It is the latter my friend. I assure you. we have access to knowledge you have only just begun to understand, kindle that flame, the desire to delve deeper. i assure you you are not cursed, any limitations you may be suffering from are multifacet-self imposed. practice and contemplate the attitude of gratitude and of flow. be natural. walk the road of non-judgement and all-love. peace be with you child of creation. life is everlasting.

    2. I'm rather new to following my intuition, meditating, listening to angels, etc. but recently I've become aware that I need to look into these concepts further. Just wanted to share that I stumbled on this page this morning after typing in "what do the numbers 324 mean?" My birthday is 3/24 as well and I too see these numbers often....

  3. When you see the numbers of your date of birth repeating to you, it is often an indication that you are to concentrate and focus upon your true life purpose ... your reason for being ... your soul mission. Seeing your own birthday is a reminder of why you were born and your reason for being on the Earthplane at this time.
    It may acts as a prompt and/or validation as to your path.
    It can also be validation that angels/spirit guides/passed over loved ones are with you.