Number 354 is a blend of the attributes and vibrations of number 3, number 5 and number 4.   Number 3 relates to courage, forgiveness, open-mindedness, manifestation and attainment, self-expression and communication, optimism and enthusiasm, skills and talents, growth and expansion. Number 3 also resonates with the vibrations of the Ascended Masters.  It indicates that the Ascended Masters are around you, assisting when asked.  The Ascended Masters help you to focus on the Divine spark within yourself and others, and assist with manifesting your desires. The Masters help you to find peace, clarity and love within.  Number 5 brings its energies of spontaneity and adventure, important life-changes, making choices and decisions, personal freedom and individuality, promotion and advancements, adaptability and versatility, life lessons learned through experience and resourcefulness.  Number 4 relates to working determinedly towards achieving our goals and aspirations. It tells of hard work and effort, building solid foundations, stability and practicality, system and order, dependability, honesty and integrity, and our passion and drive.  Number 4 also resonates with the Archangels.

Angel Number 354 is a message from your angels that the changes you are making to important aspects of your life will bring about new opportunities for growth and expansion on all levels. The hard work and effort you have put towards achieving your goals and aspirations, as well as your positive affirmations and expectations, have manifested auspicious opportunities and rewards for you to accept and receive into your life.  With these opportunities come life changes for you to undertake  -  but trust that these changes will bring improvements to your life on all levels.  Trust your intuition and the guidance from the angels to lead you in the right direction in regards to your Divine life purpose and soul mission.

Angel Number 354 can suggest that the devoted hard work you have put towards achieving your goals and aspirations, as well as your positive affirmations and expectations, will manifest auspicious opportunities and rewards for you.  With these opportunities come life changes that will bring improvements on all levels.

Your prayers and positive affirmations have been clear and strong, so you can expect positive changes to come about faster than you may have foreseen.  These changes may happen in unexpected ways, so be particularly aware of opportunities presenting to you at this time.

Number 354 relates to number 3 (3+5+4=12, 1+2=3) and Angel Number 3.

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