Thursday, September 15, 2011


Number 499 is a blend of the vibrations and attributes of number 4 and number 9, with number 9 appearing twice, amplifying its influences. Number 4 brings its vibrations of honesty and integrity, traditional values, hard work and responsibility, practicality and application, diligence and determination to achieve goals. Number 4 also relates to our drive, passion and purpose, and the energies of the Archangels. Number 9 denotes endings and conclusions and relates to the Universal Spiritual Laws, a higher perspective and expansive viewpoint, non-conformity, the concept of karma, leadership and leading life as a positive example, altruism, humanitarianism and lightworking.  

Angel Number 499 is an indication from your angels that a circumstance, cycle or phase is coming to an end in your life and you are encouraged to let go of any situation that has now ran its course. Do not try to hold onto something that no longer positively serves you, and have no fear of lack or loss. Finish projects/situations once and for all and have the courage to walk away from toxic habits, patterns and relationships. Take the lessons from the experiences and use them to your future advantage. 

Angel Number 499 reminds you that as one door closes, another opens. Your angels are helping you to open this new door of opportunity and to heal from any residual sorrow, pain or fear you may be feeling due to the changes you may be undergoing. Stay focused on positive outcomes and live and serve your soul mission with courage, passion and purpose. 

Angel Number 499 may also indicate that it is time to look to a new career and/or lifestyle. If you have been considering taking up a spiritually-based practice, profession and/or career, or service-based project, now is the ideal time to set the foundations for future success. Trust that you have all the necessary tools, skills and abilities to be a lightworker, and your talents are much needed at this time. The right opportunities and avenues will present to you when the timing is right so follow your soul’s promptings and live your life with passion and purpose. 

Look within yourself and discover your connection and harmony with all of creation and be grateful for every blessing in your life. Life isn't always fair, but make the most of it and revel in its beauties and joy.

Number 499 relates to number 4 (4+9+9=22, 2+2=4) and Angel Number 4.

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  1. I had no idea before today what these numbers meant. Just before I woke up from a long night's sleep, I was dreamt I was holding a piece of paper with the numbers 499 written on them. The paper had something to do with a musical group or album. In my dream I kept wondering what the numbers meant. I walked away from the paper and then I was holding it and again wondering what the number meant. I work part-time as a professional musician.

    1. when you lookin for numbers for meaning or blessing. youre lost yourself. you was good before all that. people look for greatness.. don't be part time musician. be a god let them follow you. dont follow their words...

  2. another 9;49 me... I guess we are lightworkers, overflowing with love indigo children, may be ur music speaks healing, 49 posses gifts, mine seem to heal too

  3. I keep seeing the license place letters HWW. Translated to 499. It is precise as to what my is in my thoughts. A relationship is ending and I need to walk away. And I want to leave my present well paying but emotionally draining job.

  4. see when you look for numbers. u give your energy and time and great power to them. when u be like a god. like an angel u lookin for. u can be an angel and be a rockstar not a part time musician. thats wrog with you. not numbers. there is no meaning with numbers. numbers just reminds u. who you are. this site is bullshit. so prepare for landing.

  5. Immensely blessed and grateful,now and always !!! ♡♡♡
    Love,peace and Light to all!!! ♡♡♡
    Thank you Angels and thank you Joanne!!! ♡♡♡

  6. i was recording something and a voice came onto the recording and clearly repeated. 499 I was parked next to a cemetery at this time. I had no idea what it meant until I read this. It makes perfect sense to me now

  7. I had a dream in which I was at a university on my first day. I missed my orientation where everyone was put into groups and because i missed it, i didn't know which group I was in. I found one of my school friends there and she told me the best group to be in was 499. I took an application form and started filling it. I appealed to the university staff to put me in the 499 group. Once i finished the application and turned around, i found 12 lecturers waiting behind me. They were the council members who review applications and allocate group numbers for students. I gave them my application and asked them to put me in group 499. They reviewed my application and said the ideal group for me was 499. They also told me i was a gifted and important applicant and they have already considered my application for group 499 even before i made the appeal.
    I had this dream long time ago. Going through my dream journal today I came across this and thought of looking up the number. Reading some of the comments and how the number came to others like me, reminds me of the movie Tomorrow land.

  8. Master 22 Number