Friday, October 22, 2010

Repeating Angel Numbers - 4's and 9's (4499, 4949, 9944, 9494 etc)

When the 4 and 9 combination repeats, your angels are telling you that it is time to let go of a situation that has ran its course. They wish to remind you that as one door closes, another one opens. You are asked not to exert your time and efforts on staring forlornly at the closing door, rather than looking forwards to the seeing what is behind the opening door. The angels are helping you to open these new doors and to heal from any pain or sorrow that accompanies the transition that you may undergo.

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  1. It is right...I have all my number 4949 like 9930874949...9821364949 my bike number 4949

  2. I keep getting similar messages over and over lately, and yes, I know angels. I guess I'm just... scared. Thank you.

  3. I just got a new cell number, it's 499-4949! Lol!

  4. I keep getting the same message over and over soul purpose to help homeless and hungry..known this for years now. .im disappointed i havent act on it yet.scared to quit my job.i have so many bills 2 kids and single mom..i pray angels will give me an income oppty ,away to take care if my family whle i devote my time to helping hungry and homeless

    1. Well lets make it happen .. i just won the lottery . Hit me up. I want to do same things, also animal shelter

  5. My dear friend commit suicide on 9/4/94. After a very vivid dream of him and almost 23 years of guilt i finally decided to look up these numbers for some significance. I also saw white feathers in my car the day after my dream. This is almost too much to handle.

  6. I have many repeating #'s of all kinds of combinations in my life, so much so that I keep a journal of them. Today i happened to look at the trip odometer when it was at 4949 adn the mileage at that same time was 98111. I have seen many repeated 111's in the past few days, lots of repeating 8's and 9 combinations. I am, in fact, in transition with career and in other areas of my life, so the meanings behind these #'s ring true for me.

  7. "You are asked not to exert your time and efforts on staring forlornly at the closing door, .." Heh, heh, heh .. done a bit of that in my day. :-)

  8. Do angels even feel anything? Sorry to say angels, but you permitted this to happen to us. Your as guilty as both of us. And we can never undo what we did; lest we become even worse than we already are. God is a tyrant, being omnipotent and yet allowing so much awful. It is awful to serve a child-God like that. Serve me and I will show you how much greater the door in front of us could be.

    1. Free will. Forgive yourself.

    2. You know we have free will... angels dont.. you have wall of anger and sadness around you, where you dont let faith to get in.
      God is not genie in bottle who will grant you 3 wishes. God is love and peace. Let them in.

  9. Message is of course resonant.
    I'm currently transitioning from work,friendships , relationship and very likely home.
    Blessed and grateful, as always.
    I fear not.
    Looking forward to the new door opening . Amen.
    Love,peace and Light to all.🙌🎈♥️
    Blessed and easy journeys.♥️

  10. hey! Does anyone know how to stop looking at the old door? ^^
    I need advice

    1. •Oh Paige CutieSunday, September 23, 2018•
      Let go of control and go with the flow.
      The past is there for a reason. Accept it and let it go, with love and gratitude for the purpose served and lessons learned.
      Take your lessons and surge forward fearlessly.
      Sending you much love, peace and light.
      Blessed be us all.🙏❤

  11. I saw this number three times while contemplating ending my marriage. So grateful. I know its the best decision.

    1. Absolutely @Anonymous, Sat. JAN 12 2019
      Go after all that which us felt, yet unseen.

  12. Like, I was just thinking about things that happen on my job, where I decided to quit. As I am soon going to talk with director before I go, I was thinking what to tell him..why am I really quitting.. and then I see 4949... thruth... I should just politely say goodbye and see what God has planned for me next.

    1. Well done @Anonymous
      Follow your intuition. Always.
      I hope you are well and you've manifested the best. Be blessed.🙏

  13. I gues i have to let go of something. I don't know what yet but i'll find out i gues.

  14. Resonant, as always.
    There are some "friends" around me who expect gains on someone's back (Mine!?NOT.)
    I do care, yet I come FIRST.
    I've been there for these "friends" for a very long time...,I've listened, cared, nurtured ect...
    More is expected...
    Well, thought.
    They must do their inner work, as no one will do it for them.
    As sad and upsetting this transitionas might be, I've said my peace. I've distanced self. Because these souls I care so much about care for self not, because I sence their low and negative vibrations.
    We can't heal, nor fix another. The choice will always be THEIRS. I've shown everyone, who comes first in my life. I come first.
    Now and always.
    I'm letting go from these old, heavy and one sided friendships.
    I deserve the best. I work hard. I've done so throughout my life.
    I've manifested it.
    Thank you Angels for the timely confirmation. I love you. Nevermind how bodersome your signals might be. At times. I am grateful.
    Thank you Joanne, you are indeed my Earth Angel and I love you with all my heart.
    Past is past. I'm grateful to each and everyone for the lessons learned, wisdom gathered and inner growth achieved.
    May the new door open. NOW.
    I've manifested it.
    May us all be blessed.🙏❤

  15. Not staring at the old door closing, but rather closing it gently ...with love and gratitude
    ~ for the growth, for the lessons, for practically forcing me to position myself first (yet again, self love is a lifelong lesson in my world, it seems..., with boundless love, compassion and care for everyone and all being my best and my worst traits all at once...
    Thanks to that door which I'm now so very carefully closing I've got my second poetry book coming out shortly ...Love Locked comes out timely in 1 month, 21 days and 2 hours exactly. This powerful vibrations of numbers I adore. Divine the timing. I feel truly blessed,for this and all the blessings in my life, as for those yet to appear (shortly, with that new 1616 door opening just as carefully as the old one is closing). Amen.🙏❤
    Blessed us all be. Endless love to everyone and all. #outout #rightout #inwiththenew1616