Number 719 is a compilation of the vibrations of the numbers 7, 1 and 9.  Number 7 brings its attributes of spiritual enlightenment, endurance and determination, spiritual awakening, determination and persistence of purpose, inner-wisdom and good fortune.  Number 1 brings its attributes of creation, new beginnings, insight and inspiration, originality and initiative.  Number 9 brings its vibrations of ‘lightworking’, leading by example, humanitarianism, Divine wisdom, generosity and the Universal Spiritual Laws.  

Angel Number 719 is a message to maintain positive thoughts and optimistic expectations to do with your Divine life purpose and soul mission.  Your ‘lightworking’ talents, skills and abilities are much needed by the world at this time, and only you are qualified to fulfill your life purpose and destiny.  Give any fears or anxieties to the angels for healing and transmutation, and get on with your life mission with confidence and enthusiasm.

The repeating number 719 is a message to listen to your intuition and the guidance from the angels in regards to the next steps on your spiritual path.  Trust that you are in the right place at the right time, and your soul is urging you to shine your light in order to illuminate the way for others to follow.  Live your life as a positive example to others. The angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters support and encourage you along your Divine path.


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  1. I dreamed this number last night in a series of what seemed like 5 different dreams.

  2. my youtube channel is carpo719...I just googled the number to see why I used this particular one. :) How Ironic...it used to be my address. That is why I chose it. I believe in synchronicity, and this one is great.

  3. I've been seeing this type of message for a while. As in other numbers, horoscopes, tarot readings, i guys i really need to pay attention. ...

  4. Anonymous15.11.15

    I see this number at least once a day everywhere, mainly on clocks. Its the Month and day of my birthday

    1. When you see the numbers of your date of birth repeating to you, it is often an indication that you are to concentrate and focus upon your true life purpose ... your reason for being ... your soul mission. Seeing your own birthday is a reminder of why you were born and your reason for being on the Earthplane at this time.
      It may acts as a prompt and/or validation as to your path.

      It can also be validation that angels/spirit guides/passed over loved ones are with you.