Number 714 is a compilation of the vibrations of the numbers 7, 1 and 4.  Number 7 brings its mystical influences of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, inner-wisdom and inner-knowing, perfection, good fortune and persistence of purpose.  Number 1 lends its attributes of intuition and insight, new beginnings, energy, activity and attainment, motivation and fulfilment.  Number 4 adds its energies of practicality, determined efforts, well-earned rewards, building strong foundations, passion and drive.

Angel Number 714 indicates that you have been working hard towards successfully living your Divine life purpose and soul mission.  You have been building strong foundations for yourself in order to achieve success and fulfilment and this will manifest as blessings and rewards in your life.

The repeating Angel Number 714 suggests that you ask your angels for guidance if feeling any doubts, fears or concerns.  The angels want you to be confident and clear about the next steps and your future path.

The repeating number 714 is a message that the angels and Archangels are helping you to stay positive, centered and focused.


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  1. I am seeing 714 all the time and have for years. It is almost like a joke with my family, but they see it with me and even tell me about it. I am thinking of writing a short story about it.

  2. We have the same experience, i see it everywhere and im not intentionally searching it. And it's my birthdate, July 14, Im using 714 on may emails and username. But i always see it everyday 2 to 3 times. On my watch, on the car's plate, on the wall, on the computer, on the banners, everywhere.

  3. Same here, 714 every day several years now. I was born at 417 however, wierd.

  4. same here, seeing 714 for about a year. this page is extremely helpful!

  5. The numbers 714 have been following me all my life.
    Last 3 numbers of my SS # = 714
    Area code growing up = 714
    Last car payment I had = 714/mo

    Thanks, Joanne!

  6. I was told this number in a dream

  7. I always see 714 and 1111, even this original post was created 15.11.11

  8. I dreamed about thse numbrs last night and can't shake em. Thanks for this article!

  9. I always see 714 before someone I know/close to me dies. I started seeing this number last year (2013) and several weeks later my great-grandmother died. I tried to fight it but now I've just accepted it. Today (9/8/14) I started seeing the number again.

    1. Remember that your thoughts and worries will manifest. Make sure you dont worry and wonder if somebody close to you will pass away. Focus on being happy and joyful and living each day to its fullest! :)

  10. Anonymous21.11.14

    every day in the am I see 714 0n my watch and clocks. it was also one of the numbers of my racing mx. and it was also the day in one year of my life that my life completely changed? I thought I was a freaking nut case. Why do I see this number all the time ? 3 sevens is better than 3 sixes I guess? what the hell is this?

  11. Anonymous9.12.14

    I have been seeing 714 or 417 for many years. Even won daily number playing 714 once. My two sisters were born 3 years apart on July 14. Good reading a positive message behind the numbers. I work at positive energy and affirmations by helping and taking care of others to keep myself from depression.

  12. Anonymous4.1.15

    my birthday is 714 and for about atleast ten years i see it alot on the clock. ithoughti should play them numbers for the lottery,but my sister is very spiritual and says it means something so i goggled it,and it said some interesting things. i would like 2 learn more about it now

  13. Anonymous12.7.15

    i was born at 7:07 and weighed 7lbs 7oz. I was born on the 14th. i always see on the clock 7:14. I have been seeing it since I was a young girl. But I also see it a lot in the things I do. I always wondered what it meant!

  14. Anonymous16.7.15

    I've been seeing 7:14 on the clock for decades. My Husbands heart stopped on July 14th. I still see it all the time.

  15. I tried to post about this a moment ago and do not see it, so forgive me if this is duplicate information.

    The number 714 has no significance for me, but I began seeing it regularly on clocks, etc., 7-10 years ago. It was way too frequent to ignore. Being a baseball historian, I thought it might be Babe Ruth's final HR total, but it made no sense that I would see it so much. Then when we had a family crisis three years ago, it appeared constantly, mostly on clocks. It struck me that it could be a Bible verse. What was weird was that every 7:14 verse in the New Testament applied in some way to what we were going through. It also struck me that Job 7:14 might have meaning, and it did. When I am at my wit's end I sometimes open the Bible to a random page, and if my intent is sincere, I always receive a meaningful reading, so this is not too weird to me.

    It's comforting to find this page.

  16. I always look at the clock at 7:14 almost every day...