The number 728 is a compilation of the attributes of the numbers 7, 2 and 8.  Number 7 adds its influences of spiritual enlightenment, development and awakening, inner-wisdom and mysticism, and persistence of purpose.  Number 2 resonates with balance and harmony, service to others, faith and trust, encouragement and support and Divine life purpose.  Number 8 adds its energies of self-confidence and personal authority, consistency, manifesting abundance, Karma – the spiritual law of cause and effect and giving and receiving.

Angel Number 728 is a message and indication that you are financially secure in your life, and your material and financial needs will always be met in Divine right time.  Your actions and devotion to serving your Divine life purpose has manifested abundance and ensured a steady flow of material supply in your life.

The repeating number 728 suggests that your prayers, visualizations and positive affirmations have been heard and acknowledged by the angelic and higher spiritual realms.  Trust that they are being answered and responded to, and expect a steady flow of all kinds of positive abundance in your life, as per the Universal Spiritual Laws.

The repeating Angel Number 728 encourages you to always be grateful for your blessings and to remember that the more you have, the more you have to share with others.


Sacred Scribes

NUMEROLOGY  -  The Vibration and Energies of Numbers


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