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Number 1102 is made up of the vibrations and qualities of number 1 (appearing twice), number 0 and number 2. Number 1 promotes changes, new beginnings and starting new ventures and projects, ambition and tenacity, self-leadership and assertiveness, uniqueness and individuality, ambition and will power. Number 1 reminds us that we create our own realities with our thoughts, beliefs, intentions and actions. Number 1 appearing twice together also resonates with the karmic Master Number 11. Master Number 11 resonates with the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, illumination, high energy, creative idealism, inspiration and intuition, self-expression and sensitivity, and mysticism. Master Number 11 tells us that to connect with our higher-selves is to know and live our soul mission and life purposeNumber 0 relates to eternity and infinity, oneness and wholeness, continuing cycles and flow, and the beginning point. The number 0 stands for potential and/or choice, and is a message to do with developing one’s spiritual aspects and is considered to represent the beginning of a spiritual journey and highlights the uncertainties that may entail. Number 0 suggests that you listen to your intuition and higher-self as this is where you will find your answers. Number 0 also amplifies and magnifies the energies of the numbers it appears with making them more powerful and influential. Number 2 resonates with the energies of faith and trust, diplomacy and charm, relationships and partnerships, mediation and co-operation, intuition and insight, service and duty, and faithfully serving your Divine life purpose and soul mission.

Angel Number 1102 is a message from your angels to trust that all will work out for the highest good for all. What may seem to be an obstacle or hindrance today may prove to be a ‘blessing in disguise’ tomorrow.  

Angel Number 1102 asks that you keep your mind-set and thought-patterns aligned with serving your life purpose and living your passions, and things will go in your desired direction. Have faith and trust that outcomes will be favourable and beneficial to you. The angels are with you, supporting you through any doubts or fears, and they encourage you to maintain faith and trust in yourself and the Universe. Your angels are surrounding you with love and healing and are available for help and guidance anytime you need.  

Angel Number 1102 may also be a message from your angels that it is time to usher some fresh, positive energies into your home and family life. Bring some fresh energies into your home by redecorating and refurbishing, spring cleaning, de-cluttering or by simply sprucing up your living environment with some fresh flowers and/or houseplants. Use the principles of simple Feng Shui to balance and enhance the flow of energies and to add some freshness to your home and surroundings with a view to upgrading and reinvigorating your environment. A positive atmosphere fosters positive energies.
Number 1102 also relates to the number 4 (1+1+0+2=4) and Angel Number 4.

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  1. Thank you so much for the 1102 explanation. For a few years (maybe 7 or 8 yrs)I would see these numbers together everyday. I don't see them much anymore (although today I did) It's always like seeing an old friend that I miss very much. I always smile. I see other numbers most everyday like 1111, 111, 444, 4444. Oh, by the way, did I mention 1102 is my birthday? Thanks again! Namaste!

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  3. Thank you GG (((((JIYEON)))))
    I LOVE YOU(22/7))

  4. 11:02 is the greatest number ever. I love my fellow 11:02ers

    1. Sending love right back at you Craig Swanson!!!♥️🍀🎈

  5. Amen!!!🙏
    Immensely blessed and grateful for all my blessings and all those yet to come!!!🧘‍♀️🎈🍀♥️
    Thank you Joanne, you are our Angelon Earth!!! I love you !!!♥️
    Blessings ,love and Light to all!!!♥️

  6. How timely. Yet again.
    In only one week I'm moving house.
    It is a happy move.
    Once I'm there I'll sure make it my own, spruce it with fresh flowers,plants ,colours and above my with positive, strong LIGHT.❤❤❤ I will freshen up the air of my surround 100%!!!
    Thank you Angels. Thank you Joanne. I love you.❤❤❤
    Love,peace, light and blessed journey to all!!!❤🙏

  7. I thank you Elohim for your son Jesus.I have felt the presence of your holy angels...Shalom

  8. I need this 1102 words of wisdom, today i will trust that everything will work out,that everything i dreamed of will be reach in Jesus name! 3 years from now i will go back here and let seee what ive been through this years! Hope that covid will be gone by that time, family is still and I become one of Jesus engineers 💕 If you reading still ,know that you can do it! Figure it out!

  9. I feel blessed guided and protected x

  10. I was born at 11:02 PM on 11/02/88 😊❤️

  11. This is apartment number and it felt significant. I am Literally decorating it intentively right now! And using feng shui for the first time. Amazing.

  12. This stuff is so accurate 🤣