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Number 1108 is a combination of the attributes and energies of number 1, 0 and number 8, with the number 1 appearing twice, amplifying its influences and also resonating with the karmic number 11. Number 1 lends its vibrations of new beginnings and stepping out of your comfort zone, motivation and progress, striving for success, attainment and happiness. Number 1 also reminds us that we create our own realities with our thoughts, beliefs and actions. The Master Number 11 resonates with the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, creative idealism, and inspiration and intuition. Master Number 11 tells us that to connect with our higher-selves is to know and live our soul mission and life purposeNumber 0 carries the vibration of the God force and Universal Energies, and its energies emphasize and amplify the attributes of the numbers it appears with. Number 0 a message to do with developing one’s spiritual aspects and is considered to represent the beginning of a spiritual journey and highlights the uncertainties that may entail. It suggests that you listen to your intuition and higher-self as this is where you will find your answers. Number 8 resonates with manifesting positive abundance, personal power and authority, a desire for peace and a love of humanity and world transformation, giving and receiving and the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect; karma. Number 8 is known to be a ‘power’ number.

Angel Number 1108 suggests that you think only positive thoughts to do with all aspects of your wealth, prosperity and abundance. Keep your focus on attaining positive results and fulfilment, rather than worrying about lack or loss, as when you have high expectations and maintain a positive attitude the angels and Universal Energies assist with manifesting your highest ideals and achieving success in all that you put your efforts towards. The angels want you to know that positive things are manifesting around you at a rapid rate right now, so make the most of them.  

Angel Number 1108 can indicate that you are nearing the end of a cycle or phase in your life. New opportunities will appear for you in due course, and your angels ask that you not stress about present circumstances, as ‘better’ is on it’s the way into your life. Do not fear lack or loss as the end of a situation or cycle denotes the beginning of a prosperous new opportunity and/or direction. The angels ask you to have faith and trust in them and in yourself, and remember that all happens for your highest good and in Divine right time.

If you are considering beginning (or expanding) a spiritually-based practice, career and/or profession or heart-based service. Angel Number 1108 can suggest that now is a most auspicious time to do so. Listen to the guidance from the angels as to the next steps to take and trust that you have all the necessary skills and talents within you. Do not doubt your own abilities. Have faith in yourself  ...  your angels do.

Angel Number 1108 is also a reminder that, as with the Laws of Karma, the energies we put out to the Universe are returned to us in kind.

Number 1108 also relates to the number 1 (1+1+0+8=10, 1+0=1) and Angel Number 1.

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  1. "Have faith in yourself....your angels do." Matter of fact.

  2. Amen!!!🧘‍♀️🎈 Grateful immensely!!!🙏🍀♥️

  3. Thank you so much! I have only recently began to see messages coming to me through so many different things especially numbers. I’ve seen 1108 for a while now. I never thought much about it other than being “coincidental” I now understand there are no coincidences. My birthday is 11-08 so I thought it cute and fun that I kept catching my “birth minute” ... I’ve been paying attention to numbers now for awhile but it just dawned on me this morning that i haven’t looked up 1108 and it shows up for me a lot! And did again this morning! I really love and appreciate our angel number articles. Thank you for helping me better understand my path and helping me stay positive in really dark moments. ��

    1. I was born 1108 and I also have the same numbers popping up all the time but never paid attention to it. You couldn't put it better thank you

  4. My messages and signs are in full force coming back to back sing 1108 11:10 11 11 all this morning and now I look at my time and its 11:23 it almost seems as my time is standing still barely moving with the continuance of signs coming left and right everyday I've been trying to meditate and bring come and peace positive vibes to my spirit and soul thanks to my angels I now can't move forward with my life and thanks again for not giving up on me I appreciate beyond belief all the help and guidance and as long as it continues I know anything is possible I can now move forward with my life with a smile starting to develop that I had lost I don't know how many 20 + years ago but my best friend my biggest angel of all has given me all the answers that I need to pick myself up and carry on after all this time he was right beside me and now I know he's not leaving that is all I need being recently told that I was clairaudience is also Another Blessing I've always felt that I was different I can hear see and feel things that no others can and I want to develop more into my ability and my gift so I can share with others and with the help of my angel I know I will succeed thanks for this!!!

  5. Amen thank you Jesus and to my angels

  6. My birthday is 06/04/1982

  7. My birthday is 11-08 and I see it everyday in my environment:)

  8. if you were also born on 11-08 or this is your number please contact me as I would love to connect with you (I see it way too often and was born in 91). I can be reached at Thank you

  9. I am blessed, gratitude.