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Number 1107 is a combination of the vibrations and attributes of number 1 (appearing twice, doubling its influences and relating to the karmic Master Number 11, the number 0 and number 7. Number 1 relates to new beginnings and taking new directions, motivation and progress, individuality, self-leadership and assertiveness, achievement and success. Number 1 reminds you that you create your own reality, and encourages you to ‘get out there!’ Master Teacher Number 11 relates to the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, illumination, high energy, creative idealism, inspiration and intuition, self-expression and sensitivity. The message of the Master Number 11 is that to connect with our higher-selves is to know and live our life purpose and soul missionNumber 0 resonates with eternity and infinity, oneness and wholeness, continuing cycles and flow, and the beginning point. Number 0 is considered to represent the beginning of a spiritual journey and highlights the uncertainties that may entail. It suggests that you listen to your intuition and higher-self as this is where you will find all of your answers. Number 0 stands for potential and/or choice, and is to do with developing one’s spiritual aspects. Number 0 adds its influential energies of magnifying the vibrations of the numbers it appears with. Number 7 resonates with the energies of spiritual development and enlightenment, mysticism and psychic abilities, persistence of purpose, inner-wisdom, manifesting your desires and good fortune into your life. Number 1107 is a powerfully spiritual number that encourages exploration and expression of your true inner-self and your soul’s calling.

Angel Number 1107 indicates that you are on the ‘right path’ on your life’s journey. If you have been feeling confused or fearful, trust the guidance you have been receiving intuitively as it is telling you very clearly which decisions to make and directions to take. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and into a new or different direction. 

Angel Number 1107 is a message from your angels encouraging you to pay attention to your intuition and higher-self and take appropriate action, as only you can serve your soul purpose and fulfill your destiny. You are being given new opportunities to enhance and expand your personal spirituality, and advance you along your path. The angels encourage you to maintain a positive attitude and use positive affirmations in order to manifest your spiritual and life goals and aspirations.

Angel Number 1107 can also indicate that it is time to begin (or expand) a spiritually-based practice, career and/or profession or heart-based service. The Universe and angels will ensure that all you require will be provided for you, and you will find long-term success and fulfilment. Trust your inner-wisdom and abilities and use your talents to serve humanity and bring illumination to those who seek it. Let your Light shine ...

You have good reason to be optimistic about your chosen direction or path as the angels support and encourage you all aspects to do with your Divine life purpose and soul mission.

Number 1107 also relates to number 9 (1+1+0+7=9) and Angel Number 9.

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  1. I am on a wonderful journey and this past year has been a magnificent one and I feel will carry on to the next. I have been receiving guidance and applying it. I have been doing much research and reading. I have begun a more spiritual approach to my dreams. I recently started seeing 1111/111 everywhere. Recently my eyes looked up to see 777 in a car license plate. I was so inspired the entire day to write. I then came across a cookie fortune that read: "A messenger will soon bring good tidings". I then looked at your site to see the meaning of 777, and it assured me that I am on the right path and taking the guidance given to me. I felt great. Just the other day something happened that led me to watch a movie about the road to El Santiago de Compostela, which is a very spiritually historical road, from France to Spain. While watching I got up to turn off the AC and the temp. Had been set to 77, the time was 11:17. I again came to your site and reading about this number further affirmed my path. I then decided to read about my number (7). I was born on the 25th, 2+5=7. Everything I read was right on. It seems I have been experience my "personal year" and I feel it is carrying over to 2016! I was so moved that the following day I decided would be the day I take my family to church. We haven't been in such a long time. Both my husband and I come from different religious backgrounds and have been non practicing for a long time now, although I have always felt very in touch with spirituality, and God. Last night, having a conversation about my confusion about which direction to take in regards to my path, my husband helped me to see that I KNOW what it is that God has planned for me. I know these things, but from time to time I question it and become a bit confused, especially beginning a more spiritually based life. With deep prayer both last night and this morning. I received much needed answers and guidance. I felt it in my heart. I then felt like writing, and I wrote about ones Dreams, and obstacles, and about having faith that God is with us every step of the way. I then felt the urge To grab a book of Daily Scriptures that has been sitting around. I hardly read it. For Nov. 2nd 2015 (today) it talked about "obstacles we must overcome in living up to our dedication"!!! Wow! At a certain moment a background noise made me look up at the time on my kitchen oven time. It was 11:07! After all I have been going and specifically these past few days, I have no doubt in my mind that I am being guided and my questions are being answered. I will continue to develop my intuition as I am being told that all the answers are to be found there! Also being told to step out of my comfort zone, shining my light, spiritual growth, EVERYTHING seems clear. Thank you for your breakdown. God is good! I truly believe!

  2. I just want to say thank you so much! I am new to my life changing experiences and although I believe I was born a medium, many of my life's obstacles And choices kind of put that on hold until this year. I have settled down in many areas of my life now and for almost five years now I have been living a good meaningful life. I have had a spiritual awakening about 2 months ago and ever since then I see and speak to my angels and spirit guides and family that have passed on a daily basis. So many times throughout the day I get messages and some of those are numbers and you Joanne are a blessing. I refer to your web pages as if they were a dictionary for Angel communication. Thank you so very much. As the days turn to night I find myself understanding the messages more clear and so I am also referring to your pages less but you are an amazing woman and God Bless your beautiful messages and work. You have helped me in so many successful ways.

  3. 1107, is my birthday, I have a beautiful relationship with my angels. They communicate with me every day, all day long. No matter where my thought are, the numbers given are spot in. What an astounding sense of humor they have. Thank you Joanne.

  4. Thank You for All your time spent sharing with us all, I am sorry for not posting my appreciation sooner, I am an advocate gratitude and happiness kinda guy and Look what I just realized? Wow - it's funny because I know we understand those things keep us grounded however it's not an excuse, it's an awakening which I'm grateful to be aware of my awareness and Gods angelic presence which surrounds me and us, at all times.
    My journey has hit a very Catchya Late-uh challenging road almost three years ago,
    I'm 49 years old and I feel great, I don't think I have written my age in that context in a very long time,
    I am my beliefs and it's that simple, nothing to do with denial or child hood memories etc. Lol
    I choose to see through empowering lenses,
    I created a great life, Bronx public school drop out at 15yrs old, managed to survive / My 17 Angels were always there,
    Decided to divorce in 2014, false Domestic violence charges were filed, four felony arrests in eight days, it took eighteen months to be vindicated, still today, my eldest daughter now 20yrs old and Dont ever get to see my younger to girls 16 and 11yrs. please don't hear despairing cimplaints, those are the most basic facts, however, all this time has provided me with countless hours alone, my businesses are great and in auto pilot, everyone is healthy and chapters are closing for greater ones have begun, we are close to ending this fiasco, everything is working in loving divine order with no harm or hurt to anyone"
    My life is about to ignite with the most brightest light for Inspiring millions of people and I've just gotten another affirmation as I looked up 1107
    Thank You all for being here and May we all brighten at least one persons day once per day, my sincerest love & gratitude God Bless, Jerry

    1. To Jerry. Same happen to me, and many other men, plus girls and boys now adults; many now don't wish to marry because of the pain experienced as a child as a result of insanity in the courts. Society at large does not wish to hear or believe that those individuals in the legal system are about the money and being politically correct, NOT JUSTICE. Wife purposely made violence in front of our children to get me to hit her, I didn't; so she got mad to tell me that she wanted me to hit her so she could accuse me of wife abuse. Earlier I seek help and never believed, I knew I had to file for divorce and get out. Few even today believe, you know the man is always wrong. All I say here is documented. Society needs to know what is happening; that most in the courts are only about the money; and could care less about justice. Most individuals in the courts believe all is just opinion. Most in the legal system have thrown out the constitution, and are just about the money. Most in the legal system are about creating business, not justice. After filed for divorce and finalized 1986; 20 years later. I read an article written by woman attorney, Phyllis Schlafly; that appeared in the Perrris City News, Vol IX, issue 8 Thursday, May 18, 2006, titled "Violence Against Women Act abuses the rights of men" that described exactly what happen to my children and I, 20 years earlier. Article tells of a UNBELIEVABLE ploy my wife then used, I did not know about it then. My wife's sister, was a paralegal, and a feminist, sister coached my wife, now X, what to do, to do the UNBELIEVABLE ploy. Then, I knew nothing of the feminist ploy mention in said article. Sane people would not consider doing THE ploy and to dramatize their children to get at spouse. Please read article, much more, and it get worst. Look up Federal Law Code 42 USC Chapter 136 Sub chapter III "Violence against Women"

  5. Hi.
    I was born on 11th July 1981. Since over 1 year I allway see the number 1107. When I look at the Clock its over 90% exactly 11:07. So I asked myself if it has a meaning. I am German speaking and my English is not so good. And I am a new person to find spiruality. If one of you has an Answer for me, I would be very thankful. Best regards

  6. Thank you Angels...So ready for new beginnings... I often see 11:07 11:08 1110 and 11:11

  7. Thanks be to God thank you my loving angels amen

  8. I feel ready for this new beginning and I just need a few things to fall into place to make it happen. Now is the time ...

    1. thank you so much 😥😥😥😥 I feel like this's the time for me 😥😥😥😥 thank you one again

  9. i see all the time 11:07 and my son birthday 11:07 and I want to know What's mean ? Please and thank 3

  10. I see this number all the time 11:07 in the morning since 6 years a go and that is went my son both 11:07 Please tell me What's that mean. thank you