Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Number 1156 is a combination of the attributes and energies of number 1 (appearing twice, amplifying its influences) blended with the vibrations of number 5 and number 6. Number 1 resonates with creation and new beginnings, striving towards achieving goals, trying new things, self-reliance and determination, intuition and initiative. Number 1 tells us that we create our own realities with our actions, thoughts and beliefs. Number 1 appearing twice together relates to the Master Teacher Number 11. The karmic number 11 resonates with the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, illumination, high energy, self-expression and sensitivity, creative idealism, inspiration and intuition,  and mysticism. Master Number 11 tells us that to connect with our higher-selves is to know, live and serve our soul mission and Divine life purposeNumber 5 relates to important life changes, creativity and new beginnings, auspicious new opportunities, making positive life choices and decisions, learning lessons through experience, resourcefulness, adaptability and versatility, and personal freedom. Number 6 adds its attributes of the material aspects of life, home, family and domesticity, compromise, service to others and selflessness, responsibility and reliability, and providing for the self and others. Number 6 also resonates with personal willpower and overcoming obstacles.

Angel Number 1156 is a message from your angels that your material needs will be supplied as you begin to make the necessary changes that you are prompted and guided to make. Your angels ask that you keep your thoughts positive and light, as your focus and attitude manifests and determines the outcome. The changes you need to make involve how you pursue, live and serve your life purpose and soul mission.
Angel Number 1156 suggests that your determination to positively change your life (eg. career, home, finances etc) is being Divinely guided, so listen to your intuition and the guidance from the angels and pursue the course of action that takes you closer to living your personal truths. Your intuition is your link to the angels. Always be aware of angelic love as it is unconditional and always available to you.

Angel Number 1156 may also indicate that a very happy change and/or addition will be coming to your home and family. This change or addition will bring love and happy times.

Number 1156 relates to number 4 (1+1+5+6=13, 1+3=4) and Angel Number 4.



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  1. I always see this number

  2. I wonder what a happy change/ addition
    Will be coming to your family that will bring love and happy times could refer to

  3. Grateful always! I am wondering...
    I am ready (have been) to serve my life purpose & soul very ready! I keep struggling to know which intuitive calling to pursue, as I have more than one deep seeded, whole heart'd passion that I have been blessed with abundance of talent, skill, knowing, ability etc.! I say this confidently as the talents, skills, interests, desires & passions has been evident & every bit of who I am, even as a young child. (Very 6 yrs old I recall creating on paper my ideas, visions, passions & desires. Often, instead of playing with with toys I would pretend I was grown up and play imaginary entrepreneur. Back then, my goals, desires etc. where believed (I was told, repeatedly.) to be unattainable, not possible etc.. My interests where always way beyond my years of possibility. Throughout ALL the years of my life (Many years that is...lots! ;)...) I was constantly divinely blessed/guided (this I realize now, most grateful to Joanne for sharing her gifts freely & selflessly & showering the Universe with Love & Light!) with friendships, happenstances, events, experiences, hardships, havoc, turmoil, opportunity, knowledge, education etc., that coincided directly with my skills/talents/passions/desires. I, many of times, (sometimes even unintentionally) helped, saved & guided others & eased others burdens, hardships etc., with sharing my "knowings"/ experienced knowledge/insight. My life has always been about "serving others" & not so much about pursuing "me"...until now! Why now?...Well, to be quite honest, I never made "myself" (who I am, what I want in this life, how I want to live this life, who/what I want in my life..yada yada!) a priority. I just went along with what I was told, whatever circumstances arose, however my cards were dealt....I didn't believe there could be a "me" or that my life was about "me". I just excepted what was and gave the best of myself for the betterment & best of others. Somewhere along the way, or perhaps the whole time...I had a "knowing" that my time would come. However, between then and at those times "now"....I chose to give every bit of myself to the wants, needs, demands & benefit of others, regardless of what negativity I had to endure. (There was a whole lot of that...but I survived & continued to survive each time. God never left my side & my faith never compromised.) I did not see or realize that I had a choice...nor did I ever believe I could say "no" to others. My life was always about others. Being older & the wiser now, along with divine guidance, heightened acceptance & even stronger faith, I am where I am today. Grateful for every single bit I experienced to get here today. The happy, the devastating, the joys, the hardships, the gifts, the sufferings...grateful for every lesson learned...even the ones I kept re-learning, over and over again! Ha! Now that is a hard truth but what matters (to me) is I never gave up or wavered...integrity all the way until I chose to learn what I was being taught.:) I know the lessons ahead are grandiose as well. struggle now is...I have more than one passion that I have desired all my life & have been blessed with talent, skill etc., by the gifts of God! My intuition is screaming all of my passions to pursue at the same time but none go hand in hand with the other...completely different directions.
    ***How do I know which intuitive passion to dive in and pursue?***
    Any insight/guidance gifted, I would be blissfully grateful for. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts/sharing & your willingness to assist me on my journey. Love, light & blessings to you, Joanne, and all who choose to be open to receive the abundance I send, wish & pray to/for you. I encourage all to love yourself, all of you, exactly as you are in this are worth it & so much more! ����

    1. It shouldn't be question

    2. The answer is that any direction you choose will bring light/passion. Any of them are suitable. It’s up to you. Just choose one and you will either be redirected or it will flourish. It’s free will for which to choose. It’s easier when you have an inner faith that whichever one you choose was meant to be. I also struggle with commitment to one idea of the many in my head. That’s how I found my way forward.

    3. Contemplating the way forward, choices. Deeply grateful for your shared thoughts/feelings, September 1st and May 7th.
      1 - could have been my words :), 7 - so clear that we sometimes have to move forward without certain knowledge :).
      Thank you, Spirit, Universe, Mother Earth, Joanne and life itself.

  4. I've been seeing 56 constantly for about 9 months now. Especially in these combos: 156, 356, 456, 556, 656, 756, 856, 956, 1056, 1156, 1256. I've gone through so many major changes in the last year but I keep wondering why I continue to keep seeing these same numbers. It's driving me nuts at this point because I keep wondering if I keep missing something.

  5. Amen!!! Happy times are well needed around here!

  6. Immensely blessed and grateful.
    Pending happy times ahead are welcome & much appreciated.
    I deserve the best and the best I'll manifest. Amen.
    Patience,faith,trust and endless strenght and determination are the keys. #PowerSurge #SurgeForwardFearlesly #SpreadingMy light
    Thank you Joanne. You are our Angel.I love you.
    Much ,much needed and well anticipated confirmation to my thoughts. ❤🙌

  7. I feel blessed guided and protected Amen x

  8. I feel that a great thing is in the makeing.I have learned that God is the reason for everything and the begining and the end he is love and we are his children .

  9. WoW that is so right (The changes you need to make involve how you pursue, live and serve your life purpose and soul mission). The timing of the message is unbelievable true. Thank you x

  10. Dearly embrace happy changes as well as how I pursue my mission ❤️. Love your messages Spirit - as well as your channeling Joanne, both spot on, I believe. Thank you, thankful, thank you!

  11. Shaunn here, My BD, I am forever Grateful. I love you Joanne thank you for this message….