Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Number 117 is a blend of the vibrations and energies of the double number 1 and number 7. Number 1 relates to new beginnings, motivation and progress, self-leadership and assertiveness, achievement and success, inspiration, attainment, fulfilment and omniscience. Number 1 appearing twice relates to the karmic Master Number 11 which tells us that to connect with our higher-selves is to know, live and serve our life purpose and soul mission. It asks that you pay attention to your thoughts and ideas as these are revealing the answers to your prayers. Number 7 resonates with the attributes of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, mysticism, empathic and psychic abilities, inner-wisdom and manifesting your desires.  Number 117 is an auspicious number as it embodies the ‘new’ with manifesting good fortune. Remember to be grateful for all that the Universe provides.

Angel Number 117 is a message that you are heading in the right direction in your life, and this has been achieved through your positive affirmations, intentions, actions and expectations. We create our own realities and you have managed to consciously steer your life in a very positive direction and have good reason to feel optimistic and happy with yourself as you have achieved a great personal success. When you expect great things, great things happen.

Angel Number 117 suggests that you are on the ‘right path’ on your life’s journey. The angels support and encourage you with your life purpose, and you have good reason to be optimistic about your chosen direction or path. Listen to your intuition and higher-self and take appropriate action as only you can serve your soul purpose and fulfill your destiny. The angels encourage you to maintain a positive attitude and use positive affirmations in order to manifest your highest ideals and aspirations.  

Angel Number 117 can also suggest that it is time to begin a spiritually-based practice, career and or profession. The Universe and angels will ensure that all that you require will be provided for you, and you are to trust your own skills, abilities and inner-wisdom. Use your talents to serve humanity and bring illumination to those who seek it.

Number 117 also relates to number 9 (1+1+7=9) and Angel Number 9.

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  1. thank you very much. i've been already enlightened by reading your post:)
    i had a dream a few days ago. in my dream father tells me about a money. and a vision comes up. i see two numbers one under the other. first number is 117 $ and second 3-something-something TL(Turkish Liras-I live in Turkey and we use Turkish Liras.). This was my dream.
    Then I woke up and looked the meaning of numbers from another website. it says apart the numbers and commentate. like this:
    1-Be careful with your thoughts
    1-Be careful with your thoughts
    7-Wait for a miracle

    and for 3-Enlightened masters with you.
    Then I say ok. it must have been say, i should think positive then a miracle(s) comes up with the help of the masters.

    So, i forgot this. and after one day from this dream, i had another one. i'm asking someone(like now:)) "is this true, these meanings of numbers" via tweeter-like technology. but there was a lot of questions from a lot of people. and admin of this group or whatever it is, answered all these quesitons. and when it's come to my question, i received this answer:
    "The order is coming from highest level. From almighty beings."

    then i woke up and say "oh my god!"
    thank you for your time reading this.

    1. Wow, I love this story, Suna.
      Really interested to know what happened after.

  2. i'm sorry, the third sentence is should be "in my dream, my father tells me about a money."
    it is my father, it's not about religional father like in christianity.

  3. intriguing story, Suna. Thanks for sharing :) i enjoyed reading it.

  4. One thing that gets me.. I often see the 117 and the 711 codes.. What bothers me is that the Angles say start spiritually-based practice, career and or profession. Well my problem is I dont like people though to want to be apart of their lives, they annoy me. I get very irritated when someone calls for my help, or comes to me for wisdom or when I have to go an extra step to help people. And when I do help them and they benefit from it which is great for them. I dont feel rewarded, I feel agitated and underpromoised. I loath helping people and being there for them, but I do it because its my duty. No good deed goes unpunished is probably the best way I could put it.. I know your information is true because I do daily readings with my tarot cards and it often says the same stuff. Anyways, the question is how can I make peace with it or change my fate?? Because whenever someone calls and ask for a shoulder to cry on or when someone say I should teach it makes me cring with hatred.

    1. Hi,
      In my point of view is very easy. You need to lift up your energy. The loving energy is light and hight and the negative energy is low and thick.
      In my case I needed to know personally one super positive couple of friends. They live on the clouds with the butterflies and little bunnies :)
      I learn from them the power of positivity. Is very easy to look back and become negative.

      Only when you become positive, the positive think start happened. Be grateful. And stay tuned on high loving vibes.

    2. Also what your frustration might want to say about you is this: think about it a few moments and ask yourself this question: why those around me annoy me so much? Am I annoyed by myself most of the time? Am I disappointed with myself? Am I frustratred because I would like some help in some matter of my life and I dont get it as much as I would want or need to?

      Everything and everyone is a part of The Source of All and everytime you discover, angry with or judge something in others then most of the time that aspect is a mirror of what lies in You.

      Also the more you help others, the more you help yourself since we are all one and the same: The Source's Love put into being, we are all connected. Thinking to harm somebody and doing it is the same as if you do it to yourself. So to help you with that perspective of yours think that whatever good you do for others will reflect back in your life and the Universe has a way to do that and not like your rational mind would want but expect good things, example: you give a shoulder to cry to a friend in most needed time then say moments later (could be anytime from days to months to years who knows no one know how karma and universe goes) but anytime you least expected it someone will lift your mood in a most needed time and trust thats what make the Life so enjoyable after some time because you realize the importance of everyone in each other lives. Even the least significant person on Earth (in others point of perception) can have a tremendous effect on their environment if they wanted too. Its all a matter of Intention and where you put your energy in (efforts)

      Hope this part shed some light into this questioning

    3. Hi, there was a word that came to me: ACCEPTANCE.

      And then another: LAND.

      Those were very great answers above too.

      In my practice now, which is what 117 is about,
      when my energy is low, (but always of love),

      I ask, Why Am I doing this?
      Who is it that I am doing this for?
      And the answer is always: ME.

      I then ask myself:
      What is it that makes me happy the most?

      Then that is what I do.

      You don't have to entertain these people, and yet
      you feel it is your duty, and you feel obligated.

      Find that happiness within first, then this duty you feel you came here for will come out naturally.

      All the best to you, dear.

  5. Hello all and thank you, Joanne, what a wonderful source of information you give to humanity. The first number I started seeing was 11:17, then after I noticed it, it expanded to doubled, tripled and different combinations of mirrored doubles etc. Numbers tell me to share and help others with gifts and talents that I already posses. My biggest talent and joy is all types of art, especially music: playing, singing and writing songs. I would like to share my songs with all who is interested to hear the message in them. The words that I and my friend-poet have chosen to describe our efforts are: Love, Life and Light. These words are also mentioned on Joanne's website. My songs came somehow suddenly, I am positive it was and is given from above. So please enjoy and check other videos under Halina Smolarczuk on YouTube channel:
    Peace to all, Halina Smolarczuk

    1. Music elevate your soul to higher state of beings if the words used are of a positive uplifting nature and throught music you can make miracles since music boost manifesting abilities. So what ever Spirit inspire you something that can be used to the betterment of this world then have no shame showing it to the World as sharing love is the most beautiful gift one can give to their fellow earthlings

  6. Thank you so much for this beautiful message! It is just what I needed today. Amen, God is good and great indeed. I am very grateful to serve for the greater good. Namaste : )

    I also found it!

  8. i see this number so many times in a day, does it mean my wishes are about to come true?

    1. i see it a lot too, actually

      i've been seeing this number in odd places on and off for like 5 years now. i wish all this shit wasnt so vague.

  9. Hello all, I would like to share a message from my friend, the First Nation Chief about numbers, or as he called it light codes:
    "The numbers are one of the ways the Creator speaks to every human being its a coded language so are letters. For example the Bible is made up of letters and numbers in its entirety. Combination of letters creates words and combination of numbers reveal hidden messages that will eventually become words or a combination of words. For example 12/21/12 is December 21, 2012 which is also 333. As you look into this more deeply you will find the word and number Baktun
    13 which is the same in English as 12/21/12. There is a whole event that took place around this date so one studies what took place and the light behind these letters and numbers become clear. 333 is 9 and the other number is 13. 9x13 is 117.

    One needs to investigate for one self."