Repeating Angel Numbers - 1's and 3's (1133, 1131, 3131, 3311 etc)

The number 3 can signify a goddess’s presence, especially when the 3 follows a 1 as in a 13 arrangement. This is because 13 relates to the annual number of moon cycles, and the moon is associated with feminine spirituality.

The combination of 1’s and 3’s asks you to surrender your goals and desires to spirit, and ask for guidance in regards to what is to manifest in your life. The Universe is aware of where you are at in your life, and want to help and assist you along your path.

1's and 3's indicates that the Ascended Masters are working with you on your thought processes to enable you to make the highest and wisest choices. They are sending you positive energy to keep you from feeling discouraged. They are also sending encouragement to stay focused on the true goals of your soul, so that you are able to succeed in your life purpose and in life in general.

Additionally, the Ascended Masters may be offering you advice, guidance and suggestions on your life's purpose if you are questioning your current pathway. If you are unsure of your next move or what action to take, specifically ask the Ascended Masters for their assistance.

Sacred Scribes

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  1. I have been having the 1313 sincronicity! That epecially what does it means?

    Thank you!!!

    1. Always relate those numbers to the female energy, it can be that you are discovering it, or it is becoming more apparent in you. Number 3 is always protection from above! :)

  2. Yesterday, I stopped my antivirus, and it had 113333 files analyzed (should I buy a lottery ticket?? xD - I'm kind of half seriously asking the question ^^')

  3. Hi. I saw the same numbers 113333 on my speedo clock this morning. Any meaning o these number? would love to know. Love and light

  4. I've been seeing 1313, 1331 often when I see time from my cell phone. I see other combinations also like 1414, 1441, 2112, 2121, 1212, 1616, 1551, 1515. It started happening December last year. Earlier I thought, its only a coincidence that I am seeing such combinations, but it continues till date and finally I thought to search the importance of such combinations on the internet.Can you elaborate the meaning of these combinations?

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  6. I see so many number sequences all the time.. this is just one of the many in my daily life... It started from 11:11 and grew from then on. Lol. How wonderful and delightful they are. :-)