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Number 7 resonates with the vibrations and energies of the ‘Collective Consciousness’, spirituality, wisdom, solitary, the inner-self, the inner-life, independence, birth, re-birth, individuality, life purpose, the specialist, inventor, loner, eccentric, thoughtfulness, natural healer, inner-strength, intuition and inner-wisdom, quick-wit, discernment, an understanding of others, philosophy, endurance, perfection, stability, dignity, deep contemplation, the mystic and mysticism, psychic abilities, a keen mind, determination, knowledge-seeking, non-conformist, persistence of purpose, perfection, the path of solitude, analysis, contemplation, sacred vows, spiritual awareness and awakeningspiritual enlightenment and development, manifesting your desires and good fortune.

Number 7 is a mystical number symbolizing wisdom, the seven charkas, and the seven heavens. The number 7 symbolizes humanity's deep inner need to find depth, purpose, meaning and spiritual connection.

The repeating Angel Number 7 indicates for you to keep up the great work you’ve been doing of late. Your angels are telling you that you are on the right life path and that you will find that things of a positive nature will flow freely for you.  Your job is to maintain your momentum and enthusiasm, with the highest outcomes for all in focus.

Repeating 7’s tell of a beneficial time to learn and succeed in self-mastery and self-control, and implies that with enough strength of purpose, ambitions can be realized and obstacles overcome.

A 77 recurring number sequence is a message from your angels reassuring that you are on the right path.  You have been working diligently and rewards are coming your way.  Angel Number 77 asks you to ‘keep up the great work’.

The Angel Number 777 informs you that you have listened to Divine Guidance and are now putting that wisdom to work in your life.  It is time to reap the rewards for your hard work and efforts. Well done!  Your success is inspiring, helping and teaching others by positive example.  Repeating 777 informs you that you are to be commended and congratulated and your efforts have been well noted.  Know that your wishes are coming to fruition in your life as a result of your concerted efforts and positive attitude to life.  

Angel Number 777 is a positive sign and means that you should expect miracles to occur in your life.

The 7777 number sequence is a message from your angels that you are on the right path and doing well.  The Universe is happy with your progress and due to your positive attitude, positive efforts and hard work you have earned your rewards. Your wishes and desires are manifesting and coming to fruition in your life.  The Angel Number 7777 is an extremely positive sign and means that you should also expect more miracles to occur for you.

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  1. I strongly disagree with this interpretation, I have 777 in my bith date and I don't think it is a positive thing at all. Just recently flight 777 went down all among died. It is the number of completion, or the begining of the end.

    1. 9 is the number of completion. however ultimately the definitions are not set in stone and you can change them at will. If you want it to be a negative definition then it is, but just know at any point you can make it positive or neutral.

    2. Every end is a begining & vice versa

  2. It's all in how you look at it... hundreds of people on that flight could have died and only two did. Not to downplay the seriousness and sadness of those two deaths, but maybe 777 was lucky, as it could have been a much, much worse situation, but wasn't! As far as your birthdate, I understand, I have 77 in mine as well. Life hasn't always been easy, but I have SO much to be thankful for, and I'm sure you have at least one thing to be thankful for. It's not a guarantee, surely, but it's HOW you look at things! Choose positivity and gratitude, everyone has something to be thankful for, no matter how small :)

  3. hi...im from iran and muslim....my phone many time take 77777 and klick call....my phone was on the floor and i didnt touch it....searched 77777 on internet and find your site....i didnt know about anjel's number....plz help me....

  4. Maria, whatever is happening in your life is manifesting. Its a good sign, pray to god and thank it for all its doing. Your dreams are coming true, your plans, your inspirations are also manifesting.

  5. Hi maria salam pray for all.do not Ching anymore.and never complain.اﻟﻠﻪ. ج ﺑﻪ ﺯﻧﺪﮔﻲ ﺷﻤﺎ ﺩاﺭﻩ ﺑﺮﻛﺖ ﻣﻴﺪﻱ ﻧﻤﺎﺯ ﺑﻴﺨﻮﻥ. و اﺯ ﺧﺪاﻭﻧﺪ ﺩﻋﺎ ﻛﻮﻥ ﺳﺮﻳﻊ ﻗﺒﻮﻝ ﺧﻮاﻫﺪ ﺷﺪ و ﺩﺭ ﺁﻳﻨﺪﻩ اﻭاﺳﺖ ﺑﻪ ﻋﺪﺩ ﻫﺎي ﻋﻘﺐ ﻣﺎﺷﻴﻦ ﻫﺎ و ﺳﺎﻳﻦ ﻫﺎﻳﻲ ﻟﺐ ﺧﻴﺎﺑﺎﻥ ﺧﺪا ﻧﮕﻬﺪاﺭ.

  6. In my numerology chart, my core numbers go as followed, 77795, my life path is a 7, my destiny is 7, and my soul is 7, my personality is 9 and my maturity is 5, my birth day is a 2. Every where I go I see 7, or 777, I also see 444 on the clocks almost daily, as well as 333, but not as much as I see 444.

  7. it's the same with 911(the towers) and 666(number of the best) really...

    for me 777 and 911 are very positive numbers :).

    1. Hey !911 when appears it's means you should stop what you doing .for a moment stop and find what's going wrong and then fixed. Good luck with lovely angels!!!!

  8. Hello & God Bless you all who get these affirmative and Digits. I believe its always been a sign of connectivity with me and the Universe! ,I Had these in my life after a tremendous car crash that i Survived back a few years ago, Now im Married and have Kids, I feel good, & happy with what i have., Keep up with the Good Work guys!. May God Be with us all! Cheers to our Angels for getting our attention!

  9. I have been using a pendulum to dowse the euro millions lottery, on the last three occasions when dowsing the series of numbers that the 5 winning numbers will be drawn from on my dowsing chart, the numers have come up 77728 plus two of the numbers chosen were 7 and 37, that was for this coming Friday, then last tuesday,77761 which took to be 7777, then the previous Friday 68777 numbers 34=7 and 37=7. I dowsed the meaning of these with an alphabet chart and my spiri guide left me three words, Result, Win, God. Can anyone give me a knowledgeable answer regarding this event. I have been seriously ill twice since breaking my back in 2011, first with Pancreatitus and then with Liver failure. I am a born again Christian and since breaking my back have lost almost everything, some people have told me that God is planning restoration for me. A lot is hapening to me spiritually as well. Thank you.

  10. Hi
    Today ive seen 7777 and the confirmation is mind blowing. I feel so thankful, humble, blessed, greatful.

  11. I have had 7's "stalking" me all my life- starting with my Life Path number & repeating itself when I add down my numbers to a single digit from SS#, Dr. Lic#, phone numbers (including area codes)- and I didn't choose any of these numbers! Most of the numerical parts of my addresses didn't add down to a 7 but I did notice most of them had a 7 in it.

    I decided to check out other people's info to see if they had a similar recurring pattern with ANY of their info (it didn't have to be a 7) & they didn't.

    I don't suppose it'd surprise anyone that I am extremely interested in metaphysical information, patterns & (of course) numbers!

    I might also mention that people who have the 7 influence in their life are often "lucky"- but it takes a conscious effort to understand that faith isn't just saying 'I believe' it is a deep belief as when you KNOW the sun will rise, or has risen even though you can't see it because of the clouds. This kind of faith is harder to achieve than it sounds...