Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Repeating Angel Numbers - 5's and 4's (5544, 5454, 5444, 4545, 4455 etc)

Your angels want you to know that they are involved in one of your significant life changes at this time. 

The repeating combination of 5’s and 4’s indicates that your angels will bring about the necessary changes needed in order for you to progress on your path.

The number 5 carries the vibrations of personal expression and freedom of choices, whilst the number 4 is a number of stable foundations and reaping rewards for hard work well done.


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  1. This makes tremendous sense. Thank you for the insight!


  2. I just saw this number and thought to come and check. Thank you and hope it happens that way

  3. Is that true that most if the psychics connected with fallen angels who prompt those psychics the answers to the questions asked? And its not safe to communicate with psychics bc of their connections to the evil spirits.

    1. I don't believe this to be true at all. I have psychic abilities and do not connect with 'evil spirits'. Sounds like religious dogma to me.

    2. Not at all true. Evil spirits do come through and try to confuse the messages from the light but their energy is obvious, negative and angry. A reputable psychic can discern between messages from the light and interference from the negative disruptive energies. It is up to the person who is seeking the guidance of a psychic to use their discernment to find one who calls only on the light if they want truth and sincere loving guidance.

  4. Thank you, many blessings.

  5. Im going through big changes. About communicating 'evil spirits' I don't understand what this person mean (anonymous, above^) because I personally have connection with angels and these angels are good and they have been helping me all this time. I believe it must be connected to black magic? If you talk with evil spirits and that is different than having connection with your guardian angel and ascended masters.

  6. Awesome message!!! So on point !!!
    I have a huge dilemma right now and I I've asked my Angels to help me make the right choice !!! Immensely blessed and grateful always and forever!!! Love,peace and Light to All!!!♡♡♡

  7. A much needed message!!!
    I love you Joanne!!!
    I am strongly considering moving house (yet again).
    Reason being is that my landlord's daughter killed her self 2 weeks ago & I am finding it very challenging to stay at home (since it all happened).
    I started sleeping with the lights in and that helps me tremendously.
    However the energy of the house it's no longer the same....unfortunately...
    I am a very strong ,but extremely sensitive person and tend to feel every person's pain ....
    I have thought of moving house & today I got a lovely timely message from my best friend that a room becomes available within the household she lives in!!!
    I am sooo exited & relieved!!!
    I've had one very challenging year and this will be my 5th house move in that time.
    Previously I lived at the same household for nearly 10 happy years !!!
    Having said that I must admit that all the challenges and obstacles have made me so much more resilient,strong minded and powerful!!! Immensely blessed and grateful now and always !!!
    I know it is a long comment ,but u felt the need to unload and to at the same time to pass on the strength and power within me!!!
    Stay strong people,do not give up (No matter what!!!) Stay positive,loving,kind,light and at peace within !!!
    It is sooo important!!!
    And most of all stay blessed, as we all are !!!
    Love,peace and Light to all!!! ♡♡♡

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  9. Hello Joanne,

    How are you? some twenty years ago I had a dream that my deceased father spoke to me and said (call 5444)...for 15 years I struggled to discern what this message was about. Five years ago, I went to sleep with this question on my mind. During my sleep in a dream a woke my self up in a joyous mood now understanding that "5444" was in fact my actual birthday. I was born on Feb 13th 1954. Feb 13 is the 44th day of the year, with 54 being the year of my birth..Please advise..

    Sincerely Joe

  10. Immensely blessed and grateful!!!🧘‍♀️🍀🎈🙏♥️
    Thank you Joanne , you are our Angel, the Angel of HUMANITY, our
    ANGEL on Earth !!!
    I love you !!!♥️
    Sending peace ,love and Light to all!!!♥️🧘‍♀️🎈🍀🙏♥️