The karmic Master Number 11 symbolizes the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, high energy, idealism, inspiration and intuition, illumination, visionary, enthusiasm, creative/creativity, self-expression and sensitivity, and mysticism.  Number 11 tells us that to connect with our higher-selves is to know and live our soul mission and life purpose.

Angel Number 11 is a message from your angels to pay special attention to your thoughts and ideas as these are revealing the answers to your prayers.  Your positive affirmations and optimistic attitude will manifest your desires and help you to achieve your goals and aspirations.  They will also assist you upon your spiritual life purpose and soul mission.

Angel Number 11 encourages you to assist and inspire the human race via your natural abilities, relying upon your inner-wisdom and intuition to guide you.  

Angel Number 11 encourages you to be an inspirational guiding light to bring illumination to others and to help raise spiritual awareness. Trust that the angels support you in your ‘light work’.

Number 11 also relates to the Number 2 (1+1=2) and Angel Number 2.

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  1. wow thanks this helped a lot!!

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  3. wow i can`t believe i finally got answers from what i`ve been long asking my self..i even tried to match the numbers i`ve been seeing with corresponding alphabets but unfortunately the word would just not make any sense...thank you so much..u are an angel yourself

  4. After every thing I do it is always 11 after the hour. Now I know why.

    1. That makes 1+1 , 2 of us. I knew I wasnt the only one!

    2. Anonymous2.4.15

      Here's what I've been doing Mike...
      Every hour at the eleventh minute, I've been combining daily affirmations with dream manifestation. It started out as just an experiment. But then I saw results and have been doing it ever since. Tonight I got this angel number after the last item on my list manifested in the strangest and most unexpected way... 127. Note one line on that page for that angel number... " Bravo with your manifesting abilities."

      Simply Amazing Right????
      When Angels Speak is a class I'm attending. We are encouraged to try our own techniques. It's working out great with lightening speed too! I think she offers this class online. Not sure but worth checking out!

      Sunday, April 19, 2015 from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM (CDT)
      Huntsville, AL

  5. After 9/11, I would always see or happen to look at the clock at that exact time every night until I stopped noticing it, but I now I know I am a lightworker and I found my angels yesterday. Happiness has been gone for so long, and now I see what I must do. "Heal the world, for it must be mended"

  6. This goes way further then most imagine. Stages in life you will notice bigger changes once you achieve the simple one's. Be faithful in the small and you will be place in a higher purpose with more.

  7. I've been seeing 11:11 every day for at least 15 years (starting in 1999). My niece has also had this experience since she was very young. One day (she was a Junior in high school at the time--11th grade) we were discussing this phenomenon, & we kinda giggled around about it, because we had 11:11 in common...5 or 6 years later, her daughter was born: November 11, 2009. [11/11/11]

    1. Anonymous18.11.14

      Are you Bipolar?

  8. Been seeing these number messages for a couple of years now but in the last several months daily messages have really ramped up and it's usually via the time. Either when I pick up my phone, or the clock on the dash of my car, the time sign outside of banks, and the cable box in different homes of my friends and family. This is how it usually goes...
    Say I get in my car to go somewhere and my eyes glance at the time on the dash & it's 1:11. Okay well I return home walk in the house and glance at the microwave on my way in the kitchen & it's 2:11. Then I get a txt from a friend... the time when I get the txt is 3:11. Then I get on the computer to work on a design for a customer & while working my eyes shift to a little alarm clock sitting just above my monitor...it's 4:11. You get what I'm saying? This has gone on literally all day before...morning to night & on more than one occassion...every hour on the hour whatever that hour is followed by an :11.
    And almost daily for months now at least 2 or 3 random times a day on a random clock in random places I'll get an hour followed the minute :11.
    I promise I'm not making this up. May God strike me down at this very moment if I'm lying.

    But what I need to know is if anyone can shed any light on this for me & maybe tell me why I would get messages like that???

    I would appreciate any & all feedback.

    1. Anonymous17.2.15

      Glad im not the only one, i wish i had an explanation too. Its been happening for months

    2. Anonymous24.2.15

      It happens to me too on and off for about 2 years. it's weird.

    3. Anonymous18.4.15

      Yup. Me too. For about a year and a half same thing like what you're going through. Random clocks at work, at home, on the cell phone...at random times of the day I'll see that it's 11 past the hour. Lately at the grocery store or restaurants my bill will come to repeating numbers like $47.47 or I have to input a customer's annual income at work that comes up to $1,131,131.00 (11 if you add them all together). I know I've been "actively" working on soul growth/purpose/wisdom, etc since 2010 but only lately have been feeling I'm on the right track. I think it's just heaven's way to cheer us on and keep us encouraged to keep up the good work. Sometimes you don't need to know the answer "why". You just have to keep going and trust you're on the right path. :)

    4. Anonymous6.6.15

      I am experiencing this, too. For so many number of days. I just keep asking myself if this is good or bad sign. I also ask my relatives and friends. Have I been getting bad omens? Am I being guided by two angels that everywhere I go they are with me? Am I just being too supertitious? Sometimes it gets to a point where I don't want to look at the clock, or to check messages on my celphone because I am anticipating that I will see number 11 again and if i do I only think that it's always coincidental just to please myself. Or i would just think that my angels are here again ready to guard and guide me from evil and harm. But it really bothers me a lot.

    5. Anonymous6.6.15

      Thank you

    6. Ever since my husband passed away I have noticed this happening to me as well. I will be doing something in a room and look at the clock and it is always 11 minutes past the hour. that's why I had to look it up, I wondered if he was trying to send me a message.

    7. Anonymous15.1.16

      OMG Meeeeeeeeeee Tooooooo Same Exact Way.......

    8. Yup, it happens to me everyday too! I believe, If you Send out positive affirmations when you see this .....then watch things happen.

  9. My best friend passed away 11/11/13 but ever since he passed, I look at the clock and it's 11:11 morning and afternoon. I have been friends with him since I was 8 years old. He was always my secret crush growing up. He was an angel so sweet and loyal. The look in his eyes were angelic and my soul was in love with him. I cried all day the day before he died. I had no concious idea what would come the next day. The next day a moment of dread came over me at 1:11 in the afternoon. I had just realized I was in love with him 11 days prior to him dying. At 11:13pm that night I got the phone call.. He passed away of a sudden heartattack at age 24. The week before he passed we were mowing my lawn and I kept feeling my chest hurting when I was around him. I kept worrying about him, asking if he was ok.

    1. This happened to me too when my best friend of 34 years passed away. I was in a deep depression and started seeing 11:11 on the digital clock. I had no knowledge of this phenomena before. It gives me comfort to know others are experiencing this also, I want to believe that this is my friends way of staying in contact with me.

  10. Such an amazing insight and i'm the 11th commenter as well! *^__^* 11's are awesome healers!!

  11. Anonymous3.11.14

    I have been wondering hmmm n wow there's a 11 comments now that is awesome!!

  12. Anonymous19.11.14

    the appearance of the number 11 seems to hold intimately personal signifigance in my life. the few that i have shared this with seem to think it's way too much to be just a coincidence. Although i seem to look at a clock at exactly 11:11 without it on my mind at all, the occurances are far more personal than just seeing it on a clock. the list of 11's, its multiples and things that just add up, subtract, multiply and/or divide to end up at 11 are almost scary and definately weird. i'll list just a few;

    I'm the 1st born of the 1st born.
    My mon gave birth to me at 29 yrs old.
    her father was born on 2/11.
    i'm 1 of six siblings and 1 of six grandkids.
    I 1st attended eutaw marshburn elementary, school no. 11
    i grew up at the street address # 2002
    there were 11 apt. units in that building.
    the apt. # was 3C (the number 3+the 3rd letter of the alphabet = 33, a multiple of 11 and the highest level of the Masonic Order)
    My current address # is 2310 (23+10=33/3=11)
    i bought my house when i was 29.
    i didnt see my dad for the 1st time since i was 4 until i was 29.
    my girl and i are 11 yrs apart, her parents are 11 yrs apart in age.
    her mom was born on the 22nd
    her dad was born on the 11th.
    she was born on 7/4. 7+4=11
    I hit a tree directly in front of a Masonic temple in my 740 (7+4=11) volvo, it left me with two stitches over my left eye in the shape of an 11.
    i was robbed and shot twice with a .22 in both legs.
    i was in the hospital the entire 11th month.
    was told i was a miracle survivior but, i wld never walk again.. walked again on the 11th day of the following month.
    my office address # is 5565.
    the home office in MA is 111
    the route i take to wrk is route 29
    the route i traveled when i 1st started my career is 83
    i've been working in the energy field as an energy efficient LIGHTING contractor and designer for my entire career. they actually call me the Lightbearer at work. I designed the lighting for the US Capitol, National Archives, all 3 senate office bldgs. and a host of other high profile, federal/military and commercial facilities.
    the street that bears my last name in my city intersects with LIGHT ST. at 100 light and 100, my last name. Light st. actually begins there.
    even my cell bill renews on the 11th of each month but, this list barely scratches the surface.
    i never even considered or noticed such things until 10.22.11

    i grew up in a strict evangelical, church loving family yet, i have developed nothing but contempt for religion as it has been practiced, used and perpetuated.which is what makes this pretty weird since i reasearched the # 11 and ran smack into Free Masonry, Lucifer and Luciferianism. i'm not nor have i ever been a mason but, i was blown away by how it strangely parralelled and even mirrored many of my own "spiritual contemplations", thoughts and ideas as if i had penned them myself. i never knew such a thing as the Luciferian doctrine ever existed until i started noticing all the 11s.
    all i'd like to know is WTF?!?

  13. Anonymous19.11.14

    so, if 11 is an "angel number" that "symbolizes the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, high energy, idealism, inspiration and intuition, illumination", and i'm literally doing "light work", which "angel" is supposedly "supporting" me? would it be the so-called "Son of the Morning","Prince of the Air" and "Bearer of Light" himself? spooky

  14. Anonymous19.11.14

    there are also exactly 11 letters in my first and last names combined.
    exactly 22 letters in my full name with the letter I in front of it.
    11 letters in the title "Lightbearer"
    11 letters in the title "son of the morning"

  15. Anonymous19.11.14

    11 letters in "Ra the sun god"

  16. Thanks this also helped me a lot God Bless! Let us pay attention and be obedient to God

  17. Anonymous24.3.15

    since ages when i see at clock i see 11:06 - for me it is 11 of june - day and month of my birthday ;)

  18. Anonymous25.3.15

    Great comments. Numbers have magical, energetic properties about them. Plato knew it and so do all of you!!

  19. Anonymous9.5.15

    its good to see that I'm not the only 1 that is seeing this number everywhere. I still don't know what it really means

  20. Anonymous12.5.15

    I am a lifepath 11. I recently closed a ten year chapter of my life n have been extreamly spiritual and i recently have had yellow rings form in the center of my eyes and often my pupils dialate n they get a feline look to them. Could it possibly b connected?

  21. i have exactly same experience.just discovered it recently.for doubters check obama and michelle,both are life path 11,and became the 44 president and first lady.i also discoverd even the 11 and 22 president were all 11. the 33 president was not an 11,but the day he died adds up to 33.

  22. Anonymous19.11.15

    I have seen 111 and 11, 555, 44 and 333 everyday for more than a year .
    This actually began after two random strangers approached me in a grocery store and asked if they could pray for me.
    Their divine presence has never left me since that day.

  23. Anonymous5.12.15

    i was really curious when every time i look at my phone and my wrist watch 11:11; it's always like that and one night i woke up and look at the time it pop out again ..... thanks for reminding me again because i thought of giving up of him but now i really can't. peace of heart and mind GOD BLESS

  24. Anonymous7.12.15

    Thanks for your guidance, I've been watching 11 number from past two years, like everywhere, mostly I see 11 in every hour wake up to sleep. I see see 11 on the cars number plate, bikes number plate, in the watch, my randomly sms timings, on my call durations, my credit left notifications, on the YouTube videos timings, any audio track timings, everywhere I see 11, and from few fly I seeing triplets, like 1:11, 2:22, 3:33 and so on. Even my birth date is 4-11-1990.

  25. Thank you! Thought I was going crazy. So many times when I look at the clock it is 11:11. Now I understand why. Going to work on this.

  26. Anonymous10.12.15

    Thanks! A lot of times when I look at the clock it is 11:11. My family even thinks it is strange the amount of times that happens to me. Now I understand why. I was also born in November so am an 11 there too.

  27. My birthday is 11/24/1992... I was born in Portland Oregon... My birthday is three days before Jimi Hendrix's, and fifty years after his birth... I was born three days before he turned fifty... I have came to 24 different combinations of my birthday, as far as I know... 11/24/1992... 11+24+1992...1+1+2+4+1+9+9+2... These two different equation formats separate to two dozen... And the different sets are all based on reductions of each set of numbers... I.E: 11=2. That is a simple reduction.

  28. Don't ever fight the numbers. Embrace them. Meditate on them. When you see their presence, close your eyes and ask yourself why. Angels speak to us in the form Of our thoughts (or at least you'll perceive them to be your own thoughts) eventually you can discern between your thoughts and "outside influences" 1 is unity and connection to God. 11 is that times infinite. My advice to all yall out there. If you want it to stop. Ask it to,i don't recommend that. But asking for the reason why, now that's where you'll find your answers. Love and light to all gods children.

  29. I'm a Capricorn with Scorpio rising walking the 11 path. Like many here, I look at a clock and it's 11:11 or some other 11 variant. I was called to service as a kid, and can never be at rest unless I'm volunteering or serving somehow. It's only recently I discovered why, and started looking into all of this.
    Does anyone have ... strange abilities? Lights do weird things, electronic equipment that won't work for anyone else works for you, you know what certain people are doing and feeling? Has anyone had people keep their distance because you just know too much? Thanks for your input.

  30. What happens if you change your entire name. Do you change your destiny or life's purpose or does a person always default back to there given name?

    1. Your life chart/blueprint/life purpose stay the same (or at least very similar), but you would have different energies and vibrations to work with them.


  31. Omg my name is Joanne and I have been seeing the number 11 for awhile now I finally looked it up and I see this! I got chills and felt joy and tears in my eyes! There has to be more to this........

  32. Woow thank you. This helps.My small sister stood on a que. She was the 102 personon the que. Luckily, she got a card numbered "11" making it easier for her to cut the long que short. This number I thought was Angeluc. So google to check its meaning. Here I came to your page. My thoughts of Angels confirmed. Thank you positive vibrations.

  33. I was almost lured by a Christian group today. They told me it's not a church but a house of peace. Yet they force the bible on us, tell us that meditation is "illegal", and my being an empath is some sort of witchcraft. I even asked them about numerology and they were telling me to trust only the numbers in the bible. Before I left they did something to me that looked kind of like an exorcist. I was actually believing them too. But I arrived home confused and unbalanced. I haven't felt like that in months. I made a really important decision today to trust myself. I am a lightworker. Not a Christian. I do not worship. I understand that we are the source. We are the light. When I came home I saw 111 and the master number 11. I just want to take a moment to thank you for everything that you do. This site has helped guide me in this time of awakening. I am very grateful! All is on, y'all! Keep the faith. YOUR faith! Listen to your higher self above all!

    1. Bravo to you Stephanie ...


  34. Ganesh27.2.16

    1109 plays a very vital role in my life.

    1109 i got my offer letter for govt job.
    1109 is my villa no.
    1109 is my birthday.
    29th is my wife birthday 2 + 9 = 11 master no.
    9th month is the month of Lord Ganesha as per hindu (indian) calender 11 days if celebration.

    Indeed a very positive and vibrant no.

    God Bless all.

  35. I have been keeping a log of all the ways in which the number 11 appears to me in my life - phone, license plates, addresses, receipts. I see it multiple times each day, and this article was posted on 6-27-11...June 27th is my birthday. I still don't know what this means though and what the angels are trying to tell me.

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  37. As I sit here reviewing all of these comments,that I am so curious about, my channel changes on its own . my best friend would always say 11:11 make a wish... Now she is an 😇 and I have been noticing this on all clocks . Glad to know I'm not the only one.

  38. Anonymous12.6.16

    Thank you wholeheartedly, Joanne, for your inspiring messages! <3