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Number 805 is a compilation of the vibrations of number 8, the attributes of number 0, and the energies of number 5. Number 8 is associated with self-confidence, personal power and authority, giving and receiving, truth and integrity, practicality, dependability and self-reliance, and manifesting positive abundance. Number 8 also relates to the concept of karma and the Universal Spiritual Law of KarmaNumber 0 relates to developing one’s spiritual aspects and carries the vibration of the ‘God force’ and Universal Energies, eternity, infinity, potential and/or choice, oneness, wholeness, continuing cycles and flow, and the beginning point, and its energies emphasize the attributes of the numbers it appears with. Number 5 is associated with important life changes, creativity and new beginnings, auspicious new opportunities, making life choices and decisions, learning lessons through experience, imagination and curiosity, resourcefulness, adaptability and versatility.  

Angel Number 805 brings a message that the important life changes ahead of you (or happening right now) and the relevant choices you will make will bring long-term benefits to your life. Some old restraints and constraints will be lifted and discarded in order to make way for auspicious opportunities, advancements and/or promotions. 

Angel Number 805 can be an indication that your financial/material circumstances may go through positive changes and you can expect to see an increase to your income earning capacities. Opportunities such as a promotion and/or career change, or a money-making venture or project may present itself to further advance your career and/or your income earning abilities. You may be in line for a promotion or bonus, windfall, pay-out or inheritance of some kind. Accept these positives in your life with grace and gratitude.

Summons the courage needed to make sweeping, positive choices and changes in your life that require you to step into your own power and fully focus on the things in your life that bring you satisfaction, happiness, fulfilment and joy. 

Number 805 relates to number 4 (8+0+5=13, 1+3=4) and Angel Number 4.

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  1. I had a dream in which I saw these numbers "805" as well as "DUA" on a piece of paper. I'm a christian, however, I've come to understand that the islamic definition of "DUA" is communication with a deity. If you could provide feedback on this that would be great

    1. DUA in Urdu language means Blessing. See if this helps understand the meaning better. God bless.

  2. Awesome! Have you tried talking directly with your Higher Self?

  3. Immensely blessed and grateful,now and always !!!♡♡♡
    I was meant to type 1803,but typed 805 somehow and it lead me here!!!
    Since there are no coincidences in life and everything happens for a reason,I decided to check on the meaning on 805,as it appeared !!!♡♡♡
    Thank you Angels and thank you Joanne!!! ♡♡♡
    Love,peace and Light to All!!! ♡♡♡

  4. Praise God hallelujah thanks to my Angels for the guidance

  5. After paying a huge unexpected bill that left me in tears. I was praying while driving and happened to look at the license plate in front of me and it read, 805. No letters just those numbers! I feel refreshed after reading this message! Thank you!

  6. I’ve been seeing 8:05 on the clock everyday for the past month or so, it’s also my birthday. Answer answers?

    1. When you see the numbers of your date of birth repeating to you, it is often an indication that you are to concentrate and focus upon your true life purpose ... your reason for being ... your soul mission. Seeing your own birthday is a reminder of why you were born and your reason for being on the Earthplane at this time.
      It may act as a prompt and/or validation as to your path.
      It can also be validation that angels/spirit guides/passed over loved ones are with you.


  7. Nope. This doesn't resonate at all sadly. Angels are clearly poking fun!