Number 821 is a mix of the attributes and vibrations of the numbers 8, 2 and 1.  Number 8 resonates with authority and personal power, successfully manifesting abundance and prosperity, giving and receiving, discernment and competence, and Karma  - the Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect.  Number 2 adds its energies of service, harmony and balance, encouragement, faith and trust, Divine life purpose and soul mission, devotion, fulfilment and happiness.  Number 1 promotes creativity and creation, inspiration and initiative, striving forward, new beginnings and opportunities.

Angel Number 821 brings a reminder from your angels that the more positive and optimistic you are regarding your financial and material circumstances, the easier it is to attract and manifest wealth, prsoperity and abundance into your life.
Angel Number 821 is also a message to keep your faith and trust strong and expect the very best in your life.  Maintaining a positive attitude and optimistic outlook helps to manifest auspicious circumstances and opportunities in your life.  Expect the best, and you will receive it.  Expect to succeed and you will.


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