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Number 141 is a combination of the vibrations and energies of number 1 and number 4, with number 1 appearing twice/doubled, strengthening its influences. Number 1 brings initiative and instinct, tenacity and striving forward, new beginnings, achievement and success. Number 1 encourages us to step out of our comfort zones and reminds us that we create our own realities with our beliefs, thoughts and actions. Number 4 adds effort and will, patience and persistence, realistic values, ability and stability, service and devotion, practicality and responsibility, building solid foundations and achieving positive results. Number 4 also relates to our passion and drive and resonates with the energies of the Archangels.

Angel Number 141 a number of hard work and initiative, practical thinking, instinctual knowledge, construction, success and achieving abundance.

Angel Number 141 is a prompt from your angels to take the time out and make the effort to connect and communicate with the angels as they want your attention. It is a message that you are to stop feeling stress, anxiety and worry over your financial situation or issues as these negative emotions and energies block the flow of supply and abundance into your life. Focus upon positive affirmations and visualizations, intentions and prayers to manifest your desired outcomes. Give your worries over to your angels to transmute and heal and trust that the work you have been doing will have long-term rewards.  

Angel Number 141 is a message that your past efforts will bring about the results you have worked so hard for.

Angel Number 141 indicates that the angels are available to assist you with your positive thoughts, wishes and desires, and the angels counsel you to make thoughtful and meaningful wishes at the moment. It is a message to remain very aware of your recurring thoughts as they are being manifested into your life.

Angel Number 141 also encourages you to put your ideas into action. Trust yourself and your inner-promptings and begin that new venture or project. Your will and effort will bring about the desired results that you work towards.

Number 141 relates to number 6 (1+4+1=6) and Angel Number 6.

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  1. "It is a message that you are to stop feeling stress, anxiety and worry over your financial situation "
    That's so true! They're sending me signs and messages and signs, and still I was there still worrying...They are really infinite love and patience trying to teach me like that ;-)
    I'm feeling quite blessed to have found your site, may the blessings of the angels be with you for the work you're doing here.

    1. I appreciate you sharing your exoeriemce. Really means a lot to me.

    2. I see 141 and combinations of it every day..I look at the clock in the car at 14.11 or 14.41..I stop videos at 1.41..I go to add a like on a spiritual post and I'm the 142nd it's saying 141 so far..I was the 141st member of my power's thank you for the translation.I will be careful what I wish for. My daily prayer is for guidance x x 😚

    3. Sometines it can be so difficult to actually stop worrying about money as there is such big stigma on the constant lack of it and how that defines you yo yourself. These outdated ingrained old sociatal ideals of what money means may be difficult to be rid of but just unfetstand to necer give up the efforts of connecting to the angelic energies, never quit puyying an effort forward to lessen the angst as everytime it gets easier and more effective.

    4. to attract money, focus on wealth. it is impossible to bring more money in to your life when you focus on the lack of it.

  2. I always see 1:41 on the clock and I always knew that it was a message from my angels, thank you for this wonderful translation and your insight.
    May angels be with you always.

  3. OK, I understand. Thank you :).

  4. i c the number every day sometimes 3 or more times a day , i told a friend a while back, n he laughed, then calls me n says, did u curse me. cuz im seein this number now.. stop it.. hehe.. anyhow, hubby now points it out to me when he c's it all the time too.!! it began 20 yrs ago, n has not stopped since! i grew up in a house number 141 address, after mom passed, i began seeing this number everywhere, recipts, money, lic tags, clocks, its crazy.. i just began to smile n say.. thats odd.. and my fav number always been 6 .. im telling ya, theres more to this world than we can see.. sometimes u ask, is it really just all a coincidence.. hmmm..

    1. I started seeing numbers in 2012, numbers like 333,777,555 etc every number in triplets. And you know what? My daughter started seeing them too, few years ago :)

  5. I been seeing the number 141 for quite a while now. I see them on clocks, recipes, tests questions, flight tickets, hotel room number, treadmill #, car milage, gas price. ect you name it, anything that has a number combination, I probably have seen it. It's pretty crazy but I'm used to it. I'm a bit of a skeptical guy so I think it's just coincidence...

  6. Had a dream a couple of nights ago, just the number 141 in simple black text over a white background. Not really sure I've ever seen numbers in my dreams before. Very odd. Thanks for the explanation.

  7. My father in law passed away a few days ago. My husband sent him a message through Facebook after his telling him Goodbye and how much he loved him. The message was seen at 1:41 am, as he had passed at 5:37 the evening before. We have taken this as a message from him. ❤

  8. Hi first let me thank you for your site i have been getting messages that i was not quite sure of when i asked for confirmation i was given this vargas 141 they have also promted me that in the near future i would be called to be a guide when i asked why me i was told simply because i was listening God is so ammazing i look fotward to learning more about the task that awaits me may our dear Lord bless you abundantly

  9. I am really really really grateful to you for helping me with angel messages. I wish you that whatever you want manifests. God bless you.

  10. 🧑🧑🧑thank you Joanne

  11. hello, names andrew... beautiful meaning...
    i was born at exactly 1:41am & my roomate carisa who
    took me in after my mother passed away was born at 1:41pm... interesting 2 say the least. blessings 2 all...

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