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Number 120 is made up of the vibrations and qualities of the numbers 1, 2 and 0. Number 1 promotes changes, new beginnings and ventures, ambition and tenacity, self-leadership and assertiveness, initiative, instinct and intuition. Number 1 carries the energy of striving forward and pursuing goals, and relates to creating our own realities by our thoughts, beliefs and actions. Number 2 lends its vibrations of duality, balance and adaptability, diplomacy and co-operation, faith and trust and Divine life purpose and soul mission. It is also the number of partnerships, love and family. Number 0 amplifies and magnifies the energies of the numbers it appears with making them more powerful and influential. Number 0 brings a message to do with developing one’s spiritual aspects and is considered to represent the beginning of a spiritual journey. It suggests that you listen to your intuition and higher-self as this is where you will find your answers.  

Angel Number 120 is a message from your angels not to be hindered by old and out-dated habits that need to be changed. What may seem to be an obstacle or hindrance today may prove to be a ‘blessing in disguise’ tomorrow. It tells you to look to new experiences with optimism as they will bring about favourable and positive effects and opportunities. This helps with achieving goals and aspirations, and allows for the ‘old’ to be replaced with the ‘new’.  

Angel Number 120 is a message to trust that all will work out for the highest good of all. Have faith and trust that outcomes will be favourable and beneficial to you.

Angel Number 120 tells you to ensure that all you put out to the Universe is of a positive nature. Stay on a positive path and to use your natural skills, talents and abilities to their utmost for the benefit of yourself and others.

When the Angel Number 120 appears your angels may be telling you to look to new and different ways to enhance your home, garden and surrounds. Use the principles of Feng Shui and add some freshness to your home with a view to upgrading and reinvigorating your environment. A positive atmosphere fosters positive energies and the angels encourage you to surround yourself with love, beauty and gaiety.
Number 120 also relates to number 3 (1+2+0=3) and Angel Number 3.

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  1. Joanne I just noticed you posted this on 4.44pm. This is so amazing. I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for all the angel number interpretations. I am sure just like me many people are getting help from your posts. Thank you so much. Deepest love and lots of light to you.

  2. I so agree with bleedrose16 and ditto your sentiments totally. Peace and Love for your wonderful angel codes that came into my life when I received a message from my love of 12 years, Russell that sent me #222 and when I typed in Google....the meaning for me that this kept coming forth at a certain important time...the message from him "Everything will be all right." the words he said to my two sons and I after my x walked out on us. Truly a most blessed message...and he has not let me down with the alchemy he set up of talking to me from are a big part of this Path I was led on...for I was told I would in the future change my path, that I would meet a special person to be my guide...I did and I met him face to face 2011 (when the number came my way last day in Calif. where we met...going to the airport.... and my guide was even described to me before we met in 2009, Jam. 9. Yep. He lived across the Pond. Yes. Awesome time since my love passed on to spirit Jan.27, 2007. Thanks again Joanne dear friend. NanSea

  3. Thank you so much, Joanne! <3

  4. Thank you for all angel number interpretations!

  5. Immensely blessed and grateful,now and always !!! Love,peace and Light to All!!! ♡♡♡

  6. I send the energy OF LOVE/LIGHT to you Joannesacredsribes. The Creator has truly blessed you. Anton

  7. my birthday is january 20th and i keep seeing 120 thats why i came here

  8. Thank you soul much 💙🌟✨🙏🏻

  9. Love lovexlove this !!! Angel Number 120 is new to me ... I trust that great things are ahead #1 Fan

  10. Blessings and Light, , love the page have been using it for a few months as a reference guide. In my dream recently I was being instructed to Multiply 120 x 5 and 6. Which equals 600 and 720 respectfully. I can’t remember anything else from the dream except for how important it was to me in the dream and I woke up it was literally etched on my mind. Anything similar ever happen to anyone? I’d appreciate any feedback or thoughts

  11. Ive been seeing 120 every were idk if its just a coincidence or if it was a angle number so thats why i came on here