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Number 72 is a blend of the vibrations and energies of the number 7 and number 2. Number 7 brings its attributes of spiritual enlightenment, development and awakening, mysticism, independence, psychic abilities, persistence of purpose, the inner voice of wisdom, learning, knowledge and good fortune. Number 2 resonates with balance and harmony, duality, benevolence, peace, co-operation and partnerships, intuition and insight, faith and trust, receptivity, love and your Divine life purpose and soul mission.  

Angel Number 72 brings a message from the angels that you have been working from your heart and soul to help, assist and serve others, and you have been living your Divine life mission and soul purpose with passion and commitment. You have found balance and harmony within yourself and this is being reflected outwards to others. The angels applaud you in your efforts and fully support and encourage you to continue on your current path. Keep up the good work!

Angel Number 72 is a message from your angels that you are using your inner-wisdom, intelligence and your intuition when making decisions and life choices. Your angels encourage you to continue in this vein and trust that you are being fully supported by your angels and the Universal energies.

Number 72 also relates to number 9 (7+2=9) and Angel Number 9.

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  1. Hi Joanne! Been seeing '72' quite a bit! I look at your page everyday! Blessings to you! Much gratitude!

  2. no.72 has been appearing on very significant and critical days of my life, times when I have to make life-changing decisions. I thought it was a bad luck, a sign not yo continue. I was so scared when I ramdomly see that number. but I was mistaken, it was the other way around. thanks a lot for this info

    1. Ever been seeing this number ever since my grandma died and that’s my heart she left me I went in surgery and almost died I called on my grandma and she was there I didn’t see her but I felt she was with me I keep seeing 72 and it’s scaring me and it be voices and my head saying don’t be afraid I need help and Ik it’s not gonna stop until I get help cause I’m stuck and lost I think it’s a bad thing cause I keep seeing 72.

  3. I was born on 7/2/72. People pull me a funny look when I have to confirm my D.O.B. as some think I just made it up !!!
    My life has been 'challenging', (to say the least !)
    Born with a brain malformation and had a bleed, Diagnosed with a cerebral AVM, had radiotherapy, survived an attack by persons unkown and had a craniotomy, fractured my skull in a bike crash. Need I continue ? I am sure the number has some significance in all this.
    Anyway, it appears I am immortal. I certainly feel like I am ! Cats, dogs, animals in general all especially seem to know they are safe in my company and come up and say hello. Old ladies on the bus, in the street, in the store, all start talking to me.
    It is freaky, and I'm convinced 72 is at the root of this !!!
    Peace !

    1. I was born in 72 and it seems our lifes are very similar. Lots of knocks and bangs but still here and loved by animals n the elderly. Funny

  4. I am so happy that I'm not the only one with this number. This number
    was following me since highschool. at the begining it was funny that I see so many 72s so I started to take photos of them... then few years later I figured out that this is some sort of message that I dont understand...yet... and then when I became older and a bit wiser I wanted to know more about spirituality and this number led me to hinu philosophy... since Im into this my life is changed I became vegetarian, not drinking alcohol and not smoking. I found peace inside myself!

    Follow this number and let it guide you!
    dont go crazy find the meaning of everything... just go with the flow and let everything just happen.

    Love and peace to all!

  5. I saw this number in my sleep/ formed out of no where, and appeared very small, but somehow I knew it had an angelic significance. Thank you.


  7. Number 72 appeared on my leg, for the longest time it wa just like mass of spider veins, but they went away and the only thing showing is a dstinct number 72, I just looked this up, and your site here is what Ive found. I did not tatoo it in either, its just there! What does it mean, being its on my leg?!

  8. I had a spider vein mass on y leg, but its ceared up, by itself. Now its a 72, very clearly. I tried lookingbit up, and found your site. What does it mean being its on my leg?! I swear I didnt put it there!

  9. Oh ok, its up to you if its safe for me, it being public, i just want to know of its purpose.

  10. I had a dream that I won't go into details.
    All I can say, was that the #72 was mentioned.
    Happily this Angel message is on point.
    Being true to oneself is a tremondous journey.
    And knowing that my conviction has not steer me wrong.
    Thank you Blessed Angels.
    Thank you Father.

  11. I work as a security officer and one of my responsibilities is to take temp readings in 4 rooms, tonight is the first time they all have been the exact same temperature, 72. I am sure that is a sign from my guardian angels, and this so resonated with me. Thank you

  12. Amen!!!🙏❤ Immensely blessed and grateful!!! ❤
    Sending love, peace and Light to all!!!❤

  13. I was born..1/9/72...I was bitten by a snake at the age of 7 and was within minutes of dying.. I lived on skid row with my mother and her girlfriend. Being surrounded by some of the worst people on the planet.. I often walked alone at night and never feared what was in site. I felt as if i was protected. I cannot explain..I constantly heard a voice during my years on skid row.. And that voice always told me that what i was going through was only temporary and that i would eventually be ok..And i was...Today i live life, however i constantly see the # 72......Everyday, several times per day..

  14. Thank You for Your Information and Direction of Sharing about Angel's and their meanings. God Bless you I am Eternally greatful. Goodnight Joanne Much Love and Respect. May your Life Be Full of Joy and blessed abundantly.😊😍🤗😇

  15. Replies
    1. See: Repeating 7's and 2's

  16. I was born in 72 and I have been seeing 72 everywhere for months. I have read your artcles and had angel cards. I know that I receive angel messages quite often and have been for years. I know I have a gift but I don't know what it is yet. I have been getting my daughter's last 2 numbers of her year, my Mother who passed last 2 as well as 69 constantly. Could u offer some guidance. I feel that I need some 1 on 1 guidance but I never have extra money to pay anyone for intuitive guidance. Any advice would be appreciated

  17. This was my dads motorsport number. So it's always been my lucky number. I lost a family member and suddenly it appears everywhere for me. I have a album on my phone with over 100pics where I've seen it in crazy places. But it never appears when you expect it. As soon as I explain it to someone they see it everywhere too. It's insane to me that I've just read other peoples similar experiences. Whenever I see it I feel reassurance that someone is looking after me. Finding that it's a angel number just confirms it for me. Thanks.

  18. I keep seeing 72 randomly and i first taught of it as a date like july 2 but i suddenly remember about angel number and this really sums up everything thank you

  19. Feeling immensely blessed!!! Gratitude always...Thank you Joanne for being the voice of angels. 🙏😇🥰 Love and light to all of us!!! 💖

  20. Thank you for this timely message
    Love and light to all