Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Number 397 is a compilation of the vibrations of number 3, the attributes of number 9 and the energies of number 7. Number 3 offers assistance and encouragement, communication and enthusiasm, growth, expansion and the principles of increase, manifestation and manifesting, broad-minded thinking, self-expression, talent and skills. Number 3 often indicates that the Ascended Masters are around you, assisting when asked. Number 9 resonates with lightworking and humanitarianism, service to others, a higher perspective, leadership and leading others by positive example, inner-wisdom and the Universal Spiritual Laws. Number 9 also relates to endings and conclusions. Number 7 relates to the Universal Energies, faith, spiritual development, awakening and enlightenment, independence and individualism, understanding of others, determination and persistence of purpose, inner-strength and inner-knowing, mysticism and psychic abilities. Number 397 is a highly spiritual vibration.

Angel Number 397 brings a message that you have been receiving clear Divine and angelic guidance about your soul mission, and your angels encourage you to follow their instructions. Know that as you serve your soul purpose you will manifest ample supply to meet your needs.

Angel Number 397 suggests that you are leading your life as a positive example for others to follow. It encourages you to expand your personal spirituality and spiritual pursuits, and if you feel the inclination to begin or expand a spiritually-based practice, career or profession, or service-based venture, Angel Number 397 indicates that now is an auspicious time to do so. The angels applaud your choices to live with truth, honesty and integrity.

Angel Number 397 also indicates that you are shedding old facets of your life that no longer positively serve you nor suit who you are as you are now living a more authentic and purposeful life and lifestyle.  Let the ‘old’ go with love and gratitude for its service and be open to receiving the ‘new’.  

Study and the education process brings you great long-term rewards. It enriches and encourages your understanding of your personal abilities and spiritual power, and accelerates your motivation towards your life purpose.

Number 397 relates to number 1 (3+9+7=19, 1+9=10, 1+0=1) and Angel Number 1.



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    Kelly C

    1. I had a dream aboutthisnumber. It was so vivid that I couldn't get back to sleep. I just kept holding the number in my head. I woke up today and checked my account and had exactly 397 dollars in it just like I had dreamed the night before. I just started asking to know what this meant and it lead me to this site. I've always felt like I have help here. I've started having really lucid dreams where I seem to leave my body and roam the earth. I feel so free...I can easily float and everything I want to do, I can. This has been happening very often lately. I asked to be able to treat my reality like my dream world. I feel something big is near me and I'm a little scared. I think something big is about to happen to me..I just need a little help to figure what it is out.

    2. Hello..I would like to tell you some things..just don't feel scared or hesitant about it..every great things makes us quite nervous in the beginning..but that make us quite aware of everything happening around us..you are lucky enough to encounter things beforehand.So take it in a positive way and prepare yourself up for whatever nature has for you. Also be grateful to every one and everything that took you here..
      Be positive and god bless you

  2. Yes... I will listen and trust .Great things are ahead. #1 Fan Angels

  3. A fork in the road .. just around the corner, excited, nerves. But, Happy I know its there, and excite to find out witch path I will travel