Monday, August 22, 2011


Number 381 is made up of the energies of number 3, the attributes of number 8 and the vibrations of number 1. Number 3 brings its influences of optimism and joy, inspiration and creativity, self-expression and communication, imagination and intelligence, sociability and society, energy, growth and expansion and the principles of increase, spontaneity, encouragement and assistance, talent and skills. Number 3 is also the number of the Ascended Masters. Number 8 resonates with personal power and authority, self-confidence, self-sufficiency, good judgement, inner-wisdom, truth and integrity, dependability and self-reliance, manifesting wealth and abundance, the concept of karma and the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect. Number 1 adds its energies of creation and new beginnings, progress and motivation, striving forward, inspiration, achieving success and fulfilment. Number 1 also reminds us that we create our own realities with our beliefs, thoughts and actions.  

Angel Number 381 is a message from your angels to maintain positive expectations in regards to your financial status. Raise your thoughts and emotions to a higher vibration in order to attract and allow more positive abundance to enter your life. Give any fears or concerns about your finances to the angels for healing and transmutation, as the energy of fear acts as a repellent. Use positive words and think positive thoughts to ensure a steady supply in your life. 

Look upon new beginnings and opportunities with a view to advancing yourself along your path and making a positive difference to your life and to that of others. Angel Number 381 encourages you to maintain a positive attitude towards your life’s happenings, and keep up your prayers, visualizations and positive affirmations.  

Angel Number 381 tells you to expect wonderful new opportunities to present themselves in unexpected ways. Trust that you have all the natural skills and abilities to succeed at all that you put your heart and mind toward and remember to be grateful for your blessings. You deserve them!

Number 381 relates to number 3 (3+8+1=12, 1+2=3) and Angel Number 3.



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  1. Thank you once more, Joanne & Associates! This is so on target as is 183; 181. Thank you for reminding me how truly protected, guided and BLESSED I AM!!! From Ahavah in the Heartland

  2. 381...3 words, 8 letters, 1 meaning. I love you. My bf sends it by txt all the time so i guess it still counts cos i am seeing it alot right?

  3. ^ This is total bullturd!

    Do you really not know what 381 is?

  4. Wow, if 381 means that to MelJae then that's what it means for her! Joanne always says to apply to your own personal situations in your own life!

    But totally curious since you said it; what is the meaning of 381 then???

  5. Wow! Today it's one year since your post. 24/7 is a really important date for me. Talking 'bout applying signs for personal situations. So, I'm curious as well: what did 381 mean for you, Bubbley?! ❤

    1. Hi Panna!! Tbh it meant something awful in the end for me!!! It was a friends bday and he unfortunately was murdered a month ago 😭💔😭 I guess that’s just life right, trying to cope with the loss but it is very difficult rn 😥 hoping he’s in a better place now 😇🙏 ty for asking appreciate you 😘😘😘

    2. Hey you. Wow, I am sorry to read this. That is really awful. I hope you have good people around you in this difficult time. Angels, please surround B with your love and comfort. 🙏💫