Friday, September 09, 2011


Number 441 is a blend of the vibrations and influences of number 4 appearing twice, amplifying its energies, and the attributes of number 1. Number 4 resonates with patience, practicality and application, hard work and responsibility, traditional values, honesty and integrity, diligence and determination to successfully achieve goals and building solid foundations for the self and others. Number 4 also relates to our drive and passion in life, and the energies of the Archangels. Number 1 relates to new beginnings, creation and creativity, motivation, progress, initiative and assertiveness, intuition and inspiration, happiness and positivity, attainment, achieving success and personal fulfilment. Number 1 also tells us that we create our own reality with our thoughts, intentions and beliefs.

Angel Number 441 brings a message from your angels that you are to look to new and different ways to get your work done more effectively and efficiently. Listen to your intuition as your angels are sending you guidance and ushering positive energies towards and around you.

Angel Number 441 indicates that your thoughts and beliefs are rapidly manifesting into material form; therefore ensure that you keep a positive and optimistic attitude and outlook to ensure that you manifest ‘good’. As you create your experiences and realities with your beliefs and thoughts, your positive energies, intentions and actions will manifest your expected results. Ask the angels and Archangels for guidance when you feel you need some help with maintaining a consistent positive outlook and attitude.

Angel Number 441 encourages you to keep striving ahead, and don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Expect miraculous answers and solutions to appear as you need them.

Number 441 relates to number 9 (4+4+1=9) and Angel Number 9.

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  1. i just can say ,thank u angels,guardian angels and archangels

  2. Yes me too. This website has been helping me enormously. Thank you Joanne and thank you Angels xo

  3. I am forever grateful. With all the love in my heart I say thanks to God, my guardian angel St. Gabriel, the Archangels, my soul family and my spirit guides hence my deceased family! Thank you for always being there and having my back. Thanks for having faith in humanity, for caring about each one of us, and for hearing our everyday prayers; Amen!

  4. Your site has helped me so much. Thank you so much...God bless you.

  5. Why don't you see what 441 means in Hebrew??

  6. Thank you for this site it has helped me along my life journey. I'm never left unsure or confused of a message I'm sent numerically. No message has ever been coincidental. Thank you for your spiritual guidance.